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R Sivarasa - Ahli Parlimen Subang

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R Sivarasa - Ahli Parlimen Subang

KDN Jangan Peralat Polis

Posted: 30 May 2013 10:44 AM PDT

PETALING JAYA 30 MEI : Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN) diminta tidak terus memperalatkan pasukan Polis Di Raja Malaysia (PDRM) untuk tujuan politik, gesa Ahli Parlimen Subang, R Sivarasa.

Tegas beliau, KDN yang diketuai Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamid seharusnya memberi ruang dan kebebasan kepada polis untuk menumpukan perhatian terhadap skop tugas mereka yang sebenar.

"Saya tidak menyalahkan polis-polis ini kerana mereka terpaksa akur dengan arahan bos-bos mereka untuk menyiasat perkara seperti perhimpunan aman yang jelas bukan satu jenayah.

"Saya yakin polis juga sebenarnya tidak mahu membuang masa menyiasat dan menahan rakyat yang berhimpun secara aman.

"KDN khususnya Zahid Hamidi mesti bertanggungjawab terhadap penyelewengan ini, sepatutnya KDN perlu biar PDRM fokus dengan kerja membendung kejadian jenayah yang makin meningkat dan merunsingkan rakyat, bukan sebaliknya," ujarnya di depan Balai Polis Tropicana di sini.

Ditemani peguam, G. Sivamalar, beliau hadir untuk disoal siasat di bawah Akta Pehimpunan Aman 2012 berhubung kehadirannya dalam himpunan solidariti Adam Adli pada 22 Mei lalu.

Pada malam tersebut, seramai 18 orang, termasuk pembantu peribadi beliau, Peter Chong ditahan ketika berhimpun di hadapan lokap Balai Polis Jinjang.

"Saya tidak faham mengapa saya dipanggil untuk soal siasat sedangkan segala yang berlaku pada malam itu disaksikan puluhan anggota polis, malah sudah pasti ada rakaman video mengenainya, semua ini polis sudah sedia maklum.

"Saya ditanya soalan yang mereka sudah tahu jawapannya, nampak sangat polis terpaksa buang masa untuk tindakan politik," ujarnya kesal.

Beliau bagaimanapun berkata tidak diberitahu samada akan dipanggil semula untuk soal siasat atau akan ditahan selepas ini.

Siasatan bermula pada jam 10.50 pagi tadi dan tamat kira-kira 55 minit kemudian. ~ SelangorKu


Anwar Ibrahim

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Anwar Ibrahim


Posted: 30 May 2013 09:43 AM PDT

MP Nurul Izzah Anwar was on her way to celebrate Kaamatan with her fellow Malaysians when she was held back by  Sabah Immigration allegedly under Sabah Chief Minister Department’s instruction before being forcibly deported back to Semenanjung Malaysia.

I condemn this act, more so because Izzah was visiting Sabah to  celebrate Pesta Kaamatan in her personal capacity. It makes it all political with no purpose and hurt our state’s reputation as hosts.

Nurul Izzah arrived at Kota Kinabalu Airport around 645pm via Air Asia on 30th May 2013 and was to return back on the evening of 31st May 2013 to Semenanjung Malaysia.

Immigration Department Sabah informed YB Nurul Izzah that the Chief Minister’s department had decided to bar her and many more personalities from Peninsula Malaysia from entering Sabah henceforth.

The right of entry is Sabah Government’s constitutional right but it should not be abused, more so since there are evidence (as revealed in the ongoing Royal Commission of Inquiry) that illegal  immigrants have entered and not confronted by the same level of scrutiny as the re-elected parliamentarian of Lembah Pantai and my party’s (KeADILan) vice-president.

Why is it that Malaysians joining a festive celebration with fellow Malaysians especially the Kadazans from Sabah and in Sabah now a reason for denial of entry? I personally met at the airport while waiting for YB Nurul Izzah the many Malaysians from West Malaysia (who took the same flight with YB Izzah) who had told me that they came to Sabah to join in the Kaamatan festivity at KDCA, Penampang. They were equally concerned that YB Izzah was detained by Sabah Immigration and this has indeed shamed us in Sabah.

Nurul Izzah is an elected MP, a mother of two, a loving wife and poses no threat at all to the security of my state. The Sabah Immigration Department and those instructing it to carry this order should be ashamed of themselves. I challenge the Chief Minister and the State Cabinet to explain to the people of Sabah and Malaysia as a whole why this act had happened.


Did Anwar’s Tweet Change the Course of History?

Posted: 30 May 2013 09:37 AM PDT

Finance Twitter

At the current age of 87, former premier Mahathir is running out of time. He needs to position his son, Mukhriz Mahathir, at least as UMNO deputy president before he kicks the bucket. He deliberately lobbied two of his "budak suruhan" (boy-servants), Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin, to be fielded as candidates in the 13th General Election, knowing well in advance that they would be roasted like Kenny Rogers Roasters. Both candidates who made headlines due to their racism can only survive in rural UMNO stronghold, not urban Shah Alam nor PAS's area Pasir Mas. And why would Mahathir send both to the slaughterhouse?

Mahathir believed BN would win hands down. Opposition would need the help of all the Gods combined in the universe to win the just concluded 13th general election. Based on the strong assumption that more Malays, Indians and Chinese would vote for BN as compared to 2008 tsunami, the hope of regaining two-thirds majority was very real. Hence Mahathir's dilemma – if Najib could regain the lost two-thirds majority, the latter would be invincible and this will definitely strengthen the then caretaker prime minister's grip on the throne. He needs to somehow weaken Najib by sending the much tainted Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin. Najib can win but cannot do so with a landslide victory.

Meanwhile, Najib thought he would do better than his predecessor sleepy head Abdullah Badawi. Even if he couldn't regain two-thirds majority, he should have no problem getting more than 140 parliamentary seats achieved by Badawi. He was ill-advised by his team of advisors – that he couldn't possibly do any worse than Badawi considering the free flow of money, food, beers, sexy ladies, lucky draws and whatnot to the Chinese voters especially in Penang. For the first time in their lifetime, the Chinese were treated like a King and Penang island was transformed into heaven.

Najib also put on Chinese costume and played drum like a clown during Chinese New Year to amuse the Chinese. He believed he was freaking popular with the Chinese and he particularly proud of his "Ah Jib Gor" Chinese name. He promised new Chinese schools wherever he went. Underground betting was also doing brisk business with RM100 win for RM1 bet in favour of Lim Guan Eng's defeat. According to rumour mill, the stake was so high that you can sell your vote for as much as RM6,000 a piece in Penang. Then came the mega crowd to almost every single opposition's ceramah.

But these opposition ceramahs attracted mainly the Chinese especially towards the end of the campaign period. With every new ceramah, the Chinese participants increased greatly. While Najib rubbished such pattern as a new threat, Mahathir was quite worried about the Chinese swing. That was why he put on "TSI" (Turbocharged Stratified Injection) mode and screamed every day till foam at mouth about Malay losing power. If Mahathir did nothing, the rural Malays could have given landslide victory to opposition. Najib would be biting his index finger in disbelief till today. Still, Mahathir miscalculated the quantum of the Chinese swing.


The swing of Chinese votes easily breached 90% in most of the constituencies, something which is as rare as finding dinosaur fossils in Malaysia. So whileMahathir lied about not expecting Najib to do worse than Abdullah Badawi, he was honest about didn't expect the Chinese to dump BN in such a scale. That was why he was emotional and upset about the Chinese, so much so that he didn't hold back in accusing the Chinese "rejected the hand of friendship" extended by (UMNO) Malays, never mind it was not true in the first place. He was seen openly and deliberately provoking Malays against the Chinese. Obviously it would be to BN's advantage if Malays start to distrust the Chinese.

13 General Election - Chinese tsunami Myth

Najib needs to survive his next test – UMNO election – hence his parroting about ungrateful Chinese was expected. Actually, Najib is still in a daze, not knowing the root cause of the Chinese' rejection despite all the goodies and entertainment given to them (*grin*). You don't need to be a genius to predict that Chinese will once again become UMNO's punching bag in its coming general assembly. In fact, Mahathir thought it would be a waste of time to recapture Chinese votes by way of sweet-talk them. If the only way to divide the Malays and Chinese is to play racist card again, so be it. The Chinese needs to be intimidated in order for them to go back in droves to BN's arm like herd of sheep.


Anwar Ibrahim realizes that Mahathir's latest extreme racial game will have a huge impact on his coalition and he needs to diffuse it fast. If the Chinese do not get the backing from their Malay comrades, they would be too scare to throw their support for PR again in the future. Pakatan Rakyat would be history come next 14th general election. That was why Anwar called for a mega rally, the first after election, to rubbish the "Chinese Tsunami" scare tactictrumpeted by both Mahathir and Najib. Some speculated the reason why police flip-flop about permit requirement for yesterday's rally, held in Kelana Jaya stadium, was to embarrass Anwar Ibrahim as the spooked Chinese and partners, DAP and PAS, would most probably not present.

Kelana Jaya Stadium Rally 8-May-2013 - 1Kelana Jaya Stadium Rally 8-May-2013 - 2

However, despite last minute notice, the stadium was packed to the brim.Social media research group estimated the crowd size in and around the stadium at between 64,000 and 69,000, given that the stadium capacity is about 25,000. Some claimed there were easily 100,000 people who answered the call last night, with thousands more stuck in traffic and couldn't make it to the stadium. If Anwar and Najib administration's objective was to test the waters as to the relevance of Pakatan Rakyat post 13th general election, the people particularly the young chaps have overwhelmingly given their endorsement to the leadership of Anwar to continue the struggle, judging from Wednesday's mind-boggling success.

Kelana Jaya Stadium Rally 8-May-2013 - 3Kelana Jaya Stadium Rally 8-May-2013 - 4

Psychologically, Anwar Ibrahim knew Najib administration would be very careful not to add fuel into the already furious opposition supporters. It would be suicidal to deploy police or FRU and start arresting the public, or to spray them with water cannon, and in the process agitates the situation. It's always better to let these frustrated people scream till their lungs burst in the stadium. They need to release their steam. Anwar was actually praying for a police crackdown, the more brutal the better, because then he can easily put the blame on Najib's administration and attracts more sympathizers. Too bad Najib didn't give Anwar the bullet.

Kelana Jaya Stadium RallyKelana Jaya Stadium Rally 8-May-2013 - Anwar Speaks

Anwar can now replicate the same rally to other towns throughout the country in order to push the momentum going. Armed with 51.4% of popular votes against BN's 48.6%, Anwar is set to spread the message of PR's victory being stolen. Anwar knows that the "flames of desire" amongst the youngsters is his only hope if he still wish to become the country's 7th prime minister. If there's one person who knows how to rally people by taking advantage of their sentiments, that person has to be Anwar Ibrahim. Pakatan Rakyat can also take comfort from White House's congratulatory announcement that comes with a note about irregularities.

13 General Election - Whitehouse Concern NotesKelana Jaya Stadium RallyKelana Jaya Stadium Rally

As much as Mahathir hates to admit it, this war is far from over. Unless PAS or DAP defects from the current coalition, the future doesn't look good for BN, if they still intends to recapture Selangor or Penang state. Just like the excessive parties thrown in by BN during the campaign, playing too much racism toys could backfire badly. Mahathir made his biggest mistake by picking Anwar Ibrahim from Abim movement (Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia) to be nurtured as future prime minister. Will he make another fatal mistake by playing racial card only to unite all the multiracial technology-aware voters instead?

Kelana Jaya Stadium Rally 8-May-2013 - 7

Do you know why Anwar tweeted that his coalition PR has won the election just after two hours into the counting process? On its own, PR couldn't posibly win the election. At best, it could force BN into chaos with a single digit majority win. What gave Anwar the confidence of tweeting such message was his pact with Sarawak and Sabah greedy politicians in the BN coalition. Anwar had been having tons of meetings with these politicians especially the corrupted Sarawak Chief Minister. With double digits frogs ready to jump, depending on the "rewards", Anwar was damn sure he would be the country's 7th prime minister.

13 General Election - Anwar Tweet PR has Won

Again, Anwar couldn't keep his cool and his early tweet raised red flags. BN's war room's director Mahathir was notified of this troubling tweet message and the old fox decided to triple BN's insurance coverage. Massive frauds or not, BN just couldn't take lightly of Anwar's tweet hence the extraordinary delay in releasing the results. That was why you saw only the BN's parliamentary scoreboards kept churning new score while the opposition PR's own scorecard practically didn't move at all. In certain seats, requests for recount was ignored totally. The priority was to ensure Election Commission announce officially that BN has win the election with comfortable majority seats. Thereafter PR can have the remaining leftovers (*hats off to genius BN*).


Nevertheless, Mahathir was right when he questioned Najib's strategists, whose ideas may have contributed to BN's poor performance. If only Najib has strategists such as DAP's Liew Chin Tong – one of the brilliant architects who proposed and justified that the war should be brought to BN's stronghold, Johor. But considering how Najib was obsessed with becoming popular as if he was running for the President of the United Malaysia, it wasn't hard to guess what type of strategists that fit his bill. Najib's advertising and marketing method was "overkill" to the extent people got sick and tired with its propaganda.

13 General Election - Parliamentary Seats Performance 2008 vs 201313 General Election - State Seats Performance 2008 vs 2013

Najib and Mahathir should realize that by cursing and victimizing the Chinese is not a long-term solution, unless of course they've given up on their future votes in totality. Still, what do they plan to do next? Close all the Chinese schools, force all of them into unemployment and stop providing them electricity, gas and water as punishment for being naughty? And in return the Chinese stop paying taxes? Gimme a break. It's better to hedge on more funds – Malays, Chinese and others – rather than to burn the bridge with the Chinese and rely on one less fund in its next general election.


Najib administration has to remember that urban Malays were also in the same boat as the Chinese in rejecting his coalition. It's time for BN to really ponder on its next course of direction. Will there be more Bersih 4.0 till version 8.0 rallies, assuming it would be an annual event? Surely Ambiga knows Election Commission would not give a hood even if they organize rallies on weekly basis. Perhaps overwhelming internationally political pressure could move the stubborn Election Commission.

Anwar calls 500,000 to protest

Posted: 30 May 2013 02:18 AM PDT

The Age

Malaysia's opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim gestures to his supporters

Defying threats of arrest, organisers of anti-government rallies across Malaysia have called on 500,000 supporters to march on the country’s Election Commission to protest against election fraud.

The call was made to tens of thousands of people at a packed stadium near Kuala Lumpur early on Sunday where Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim demanded that Election Commission officials who oversaw racially divisive national elections on May 5 resign immediately.

”Now, now, now,” Mr Anwar shouted as the crowd roared.

Mr Anwar, a 65-year-old former deputy prime minister, said he planned to step-up a legal campaign over the results in 29 electoral districts after Monday’s deadline for complaints to be lodged.

The three-party Pakatan Rakyat opposition alliance won a majority of the popular vote at the election but the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition was returned with 60 per cent of seats because of a gerrymandered electoral system that favours Malay Muslims in rural constituencies.

The rally was the ninth that has drawn large crowds since the elections, which the opposition says were unfair and marred by vote rigging, claims the government denies.

Malaysia’s Home Affairs Minister Zahid Hamidi called the latest rally a ”provocation” but there has been no violence at any of the rallies as police have largely stayed away.

Four opposition politicians and activists have been arrested in the past few days on sedition and other charges, prompting opposition figures to vow to carry on with the protests.

”They are trying to frighten us into submission,” said Azmin Ali, deputy president of the opposition Parti Keadilan Rakyat. ”We must continue to stand up for our rights and dignity.”

No date for the march has been announced.

Meanwhile a secret pre-election pact between Mr Anwar and Prime Minister Najib Razak to respect the outcome of the election has emerged but both sides disagree on the details. Mr Najib has confirmed it was brokered by former Indonesian vice-president Jusuf Kalla.

Mr Anwar has acknowledged he made the pact in April but said it was rendered void by the way Barisan ran the campaign, singling out attacks on the opposition by the government-controlled media.

”How can you talk reconciliation when you demonise your opponent in this manner?” Mr Anwar told the Asian Wall Street Journal, which broke the story of the pact.

Selangor teruskan amalan isytihar harta

Posted: 30 May 2013 01:19 AM PDT

Sinar Harian

Sementara barisan Exco Kerajaan Negeri Selangor baru dilantik, Menteri Besarnya, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim menegaskan akan meneruskan deklarasi yang telah dilakukan sebelum ini termasuk pengisytiharan harta selepas menjawat jawatan dalam pentadbiran negeri.

Menurutnya, setiap penambahan aset semasa Exco tersebut ketika mula bertugas akan dilaporkan termasuk Exco baru dan lama.

Beliau yang juga Adun Pelabuhan Klang berkata, perkara itu akan dilakukan sebelum sidang Dun yang pertama bermula pada 28 Jun depan.

“…21 Jun akan adakan satu upacara angkat sumpah di Dewan, angkat sumpah tersebut  menentukan Speaker, Timbalan Speaker dan juga setiap Adun dikehendaki mengangkat sumpah pada hari tersebut.

“Saya ingat yang pengting adalah Exco dahulu, sebab ia bukan sahaja mempunyai tugas yang dipanggil tugas eksekutif,” katanya pada pemberita di Istana Alam Shah, di sini, hari ini selepas istiadat mengangkat sumpah Exco Kerajaan Negeri Selangor.

Selain Selangor, Negeri Sembilan juga mengambil langkah sama dengan meminta kesemua Exconya melakukan pengisytiharan harta.

Perkara itu dinyatakan oleh Menteri Besarnya, Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan yang memberikan tempoh sebulan bermula 22 Mei lalu untuk mengisytiharkan aset masing-masing.

Sehari sebelumnya, Panel Perundingan dan Pencegahan Rasuah Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) menyarankan semua wakil rakyat di Parlimen dan Dun supaya mengisytihar aset setiap tiga tahun.

Ia bagi memastikan integriti pentadbiran negeri di samping mengatasi soal keraguan sepanjang tempoh menjadi wakil rakyat.

PKR: ‘Tak susah turun harga kereta’

Posted: 30 May 2013 01:16 AM PDT

Sinar Harian

PKR menyifatkan mekanisme yang digunakan kerajaan hari ini untuk menurunkan harga kereta ambil masa yang lama dan merugikan sesetengah pihak.

Pengarah Strategi PKR, Rafizi Ramli berkata, menurunkan harga kereta bukan sesuatu yang susah atau mustahil kerana kerajaan hanya perlu menghapuskan cukai eksais sahaja.

"Cara yang mereka buat adalah menekan pembuat dan penjual kereta untuk kurangkan margin, ini tidak adil kerana akan memberi kesan kepada pekerja dan industri pembuat kereta.

"Sebab itu sampai perlu ambil masa yang lama kerana kerajaan mahu pujuk dan tekan pembuat kereta, perlu bincang dan persetujuan terlebih dahulu dengan kemungkinan menawarkan sesuatu yang lain," katanya kepada selepas sidang media di pejabat PKR semalam.

Ahli Parlimen Pandan itu juga mengingatkan, Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri, Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed untuk tidak menggunakan taktik mengaburi mata rakyat dengan pengurangan cukai yang dibuat kerajaan.

"Amaran saya kepada beliau jangan nak guna taktik kurang dua ke tiga peratus setiap tahun, tetapi bila menjelang PRU14 baru nak kurangkan sampai 20 peratus.

"Saya jamin rakyat akan betul-betul marah kerana rakyat sudah faham sepenuhnya bahawa nak kurangkan harga kereta begitu mudah," katanya.

Beliau berkata, kerajaan BN tidak seperti PR yang akan mengurangkan duti eksais secara serentak 20 peratus yang memperuntukkan RM1 bilion setiap tahun.

"BN hanya mahu kurangkan 30 peratus berperingkat-peringkat, kalau potong lima peratus setiap tahun daripada kutipan RM7 bilion hanya lebih kurang RM300 juta sahaja.

"Takkanlah RM300 juta pun tidak boleh sedangkan Jabatan Perdana Menteri membelanjakan iklan setiap tahun hampir RM100 juta," katanya.

Menurut Rafizi, beliau dan ahli parlimen PR akan terus mendesak kerajaan menurunkan harga kereta dengan lebih konsisten dan berkesan dalam persidangan di Dewan Rakyat nanti.

"Pendekatan yang digunakan haruslah menyeluruh, bukannya hanya menekan satu-satu pihak sahaja sehingga pihak terbabit terjejas," katanya.

Terdahulu, firma penyelidikan JF Apex Securities berpendapat, kerajaan mungkin mengambil masa yang lebih lama untuk menurunkan harga kereta memandangkan langkah itu boleh menjejaskan
penguasaan pasaran Proton.

"Kami tidak menjangkakan perubahan dalam tempoh beberapa bulan akan datang, sementara menunggu perkembangan terkini semakan ke atas Dasar Automotif Negara," kata JF Apex.

JF Apex berkata, pasaran kereta terpakai akan teruk terjejas jika harga kereta dikurangkan antara 20 peratus dan 30 peratus menerusi pengurangan duti eksais antara 75 peratus dan 105 peratus,
yang menyumbang kepada sebahagian besar harga kereta.

ANWAR IS THIS, ANWAR IS THAT: Stop the bitching, 51% of this country likes him, OK!

Posted: 30 May 2013 01:13 AM PDT


It appears that since the 2008 elections there has been mounting arsenal targeted at one man – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. And along with that snippets were also trained on anyone who aligned with this one man. That explains too then why Lim Kit Siang and several leaders within PAS were not spared too.

With the GE-13 wind of discontent gaining speed, DSAI suddenly becomes the mega-demon-monster. He is the prime target for everyone and anyone counting and betting on the BN-UMNO bandwagon ride to favors, fame and rewards. that includes the main stream media too.

Anwar is now the key crook wanting to destroy this nation. He is the one who is behind all of these surging Blackout 505 rallies.

Anwar is this. Anwar is that. Anything that is against the BN-UMNO agenda or mantra is because of Anwar.

The entire govt & machinery against one man

The flip side of this anti-Anwar madness also reveals how much an entire army of politicians, PDRM, EC, and all the entourage of BN-UMNO included, fear just one lone man. Does it not tell us much then?

Truly, a leader of contemporary times is one who has proven himself or herself through and through all the tests of times. In fact BN-UMNO patriots are already confirming this truth too.

Here is a man who has fought, and fought hard and withstood all the unending persecutions, fabrications, beatings, imprisonments, injustices, deprivations, humiliations – all of these and still commands a 51% following if not more.

That is truly great is it not?

Which one man or team of men and women within the BN-UMNO raider's ark can lay claim to what Anwar has persevered and achieved so triumphantly?

Political bankruptcy

In fact, even those who look up to Anwar and recognize his tenacity, endurance, conviction and commitment to battle on despite the avalanche of attacks, destruction and derailments are suddenly made out to be enemies and threats to BN-UMNO too.

How sad, how miserably sad. Indeed this is what we could term as political bankruptcy. When corruption, deceit, ill intentions and self-profiteering become a cancer, the perpetrators will certainly want to crucify their very enemy. And in this case it is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

But let history remind us again.

If Anwar is made to fall, the nation drowns. But the same may not hold water for BN-UMNO.

If anyone within BN-UMNO or even BN-UMNO collapses, the nation will quickly rebound and rebuild itself. Now, please do not be tempted to translate this as seditious or treason! It is only a plain fact.

Of course all the pro-BN-UMNO diehards and especially its beneficiaries will not like this article. But the truth is, to haunt Anwar is to affront more than half the nation's popular conviction.

Anak Muda Kampung Nak Senang

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Anak Muda Kampung Nak Senang


Posted: 30 May 2013 01:26 AM PDT

Sebagai tanda sokongan penuh kepada Safwan Anang yang kini dipenjarakan, ingin dimaklumkan bahawa pihak Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) akan membentuk satu himpunan di hadapan bangunan KDN. Berikut adalah maklumat spesifik;


Tarikh: 31 Mei 2013 (esok)
Masa : 2pm - Berkumpul di Masjid Putra dan bergerak ke bangunan KDN selepas solat Jumaat
Tuntutan: Zahid Hamidi letak jawatan & pulihkan imej institusi PDRM.

Justeru, pihak kami menjemput semua warga media untuk hadir membuat liputan dan juga memberi bantuan hebahan mengenai aksi terbaru ini. Orang ramai juga dijemput hadir bersama sebagai tanda solidariti kepada Safwan Anang.


Ekhsan Bukhari
Sekretariat SMM

Anak menteri kabinet menjadi mangsa ragut

Posted: 29 May 2013 05:49 PM PDT

30 Mei 2013

AMPANG JAYA - Seorang anak menteri Kabinet kerugian kira-kira RM10,000 selain cedera di lutut selepas wanita itu menjadi mangsa ragut di tempat letak kenderaan Pasar Raya Tecso di sini kelmarin.

Ketika kejadian pada pukul 11.50 pagi, difahamkan mangsa yang berusia 26 tahun baru selesai membeli-belah.

Mangsa diragut oleh seorang penumpang sebuah kereta Proton Satria ketika dia sedang memindahkan barang-barang yang dibeli daripada troli untuk dimasukkan ke dalam but kereta Suzuki Swift miliknya.

Suspek itu terus merentap beg tangan dipegang mangsa sebaik penumpang hadapan kereta tersebut menurunkan cermin tingkap kereta yang menghampiri mangsa.

Rentapan beg itu menyebabkan anak menteri itu terjatuh dan kedua-dua lututnya cedera.

Meracau tahan derita diserang virus penyakit kencing tikus

Posted: 29 May 2013 05:48 PM PDT

30 Mei 2013

Shah Alam: "Saat-saat akhir sebelum pemergiannya, Allahyarham dilaporkan meracau-racau akibat terlalu panas diserang virus penyakit kencing tikus. Memang saya amat sedih melihatnya dan sebagai cucu sulung, pemergian arwah amat dirasakan," kata Hasnah Abu Kassim, 72, nenek pelajar Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Megat Hariqh Hakimi, 21.

Pelajar peringkat ijazah jurusan reka bentuk industri di UiTM kampus Shah Alam itu, meninggal dunia jam 10 pagi semalam di Hospital Putrajaya dan dikebumikan di Tanah Perkuburan Islam, Kota Kemuning, di Seksyen 31, berdekatan kediaman keluarganya, dekat sini, kira-kira jam 2 petang.

Hasnah dalam keadaan sebak berkata, cucunya yang juga anak Penerbit Rancangan BERNAMA TV, Hakimi Mohd Zain, seorang yang pintar dan berbakat luar biasa dalam bidang lukisan serta amat rapat dengannya dan dua adiknya yang masing-masing berusia 14 dan 10 tahun.

"Dia dimasukkan ke hospital Khamis lalu selepas mengalami gejala pelik, dua hari selepas dimasukkan, arwah tidak sedarkan diri dan kemudian meracau-racau termasuk menjerit-jerit dipercayai menahan virus penyakit yang menyerangnya.

"Kami sekeluarga memang sedih lebih-lebih lagi Megat Hariqh rapat dengan saya dan dua adiknya yang lain. Dua adiknya pasti merasai kehilangan abang mereka yang amat baik," katanya.

94 Graduan ISMP Belum Posting

Posted: 29 May 2013 05:47 PM PDT 29 Mei 2013

Kami (94 graduan Ijazah Sarjana Muda Perguruan - ISMP IPTA) tidak tahu sama ada adakah semua pihak dalam Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia - KPM dan Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Pelajaran - SPP sudah maklum atau tidak akan isu 94 graduan yang tercicir dalam temuduga Mac 2012 sama ada kerana gagal dalam temuduga tersebut atau tidak dibenarkan temuduga kerana dokumen yang tidak lengkap.

Beberapa kali isu ini telah diutarakan, tetapi setiap kali berhubung dengan mana-mana pegawai, soalan yang sama ditanya berulang kali seolah memang tiada tindakan langsung diambil untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini atau tiada pegawai yang dilantik untuk menguruskan hal ini. Keputusan temuduga Mac 2012 telah dibacakan oleh TPM dalam sidang media

Selepas keputusan posting pada Mei 2012 yang lalu, kami terus merayu untuk diberi peluang temuduga kali kedua. Tetapi sehingga saat ini, suara kami hanya dipandang sepi. Kali terakhir KPM yang diwakili oleh Dr. Puad Zarkashi hanya mengumumkan 63 graduan ISMP 2011 akan diberi peluang temuduga kali kedua (23/11/2012). Tetapi tetap tiada tindakan susulan.

Dan selebihnya, tidak diberitahu akan status mereka. Adakah KPM dan SPP hanya mampu memberi jawapan 'kami tidak tahu' setiap kali kami bertanya tentang permohonan temuduga kali kedua bagi kami?
Bila kami mengajukan soalan kepada SPP, mereka menjawab hanya menunggu senarai nama dari KPM. Bagi pihak tuan/puan yang tidak maklum tentang keputusan posting Mei 2012 yang lalu, di sini kami nyatakan kembali  keputusan tersebut berdasarkan kenyataan TPM pada 27 April 2012 :

Pecahan graduan ISMP mengikut IPTA adalah seperti berikut :

Universiti Utara Malaysia (90), Universiti Sains Malaysia (368), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (185), Universiti Perguruan Sultan Idris (3,017), Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (482), Universiti Malaya (308), Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (54), Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (105), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (330), Universiti Teknologi Mara (132), Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (53) dan Universiti Malaysia Sabah (214).

Berdasarkan kenyataan media ini menjadikan kami sekarang tinggal 94 orang sahaja yang masih berjuang untuk mendapatkan posting. Harap pihak-pihak yang terlibat jelas akan situasi sebenar dan masih punya timbang rasa untuk membela nasib kami.

Sedangkan 60% daripada 13000 Guru Sandaran Tidak Terlatih - GSTT dulu boleh diserap terus ke dalam jawatan guru, takkan tiada langsung peluang bagi kami untuk menuntut posting setelah 4 tahun berusaha mendapatkan Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pendidikan. Kami tidak kisah bersaing dengan junior-junior kami, asalkan kami diberi hak yang sama adil. Bukan dipinggirkan terus dengan jawapan berterusan seperti 'TIDAK TAHU'.

Sekian, terima kasih.


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