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Anwar Ibrahim

VANITY BINGE? Najib splurges overseas to BUY the praises of world leaders

Posted: 30 Oct 2013 08:08 PM PDT


National leaders around the globe are heaping praises on Malaysia but who is paying the price?

The British Prime Minster, as reported by BERNAMA, unashamedly praises the Malaysian government.

The US recently heaped praises too when the Secretary of State visited the country in place of Barack Obama recently.

The Australians have sugar-coated their reservations too very recently, although Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and a concerned Australian Senator highlighted the Malaysian government's dereliction of duty to human rights.

But why are all these government leaders singing accolades? Why not mate especially when they are happy with Najib's promises of enriching these foreign governments to the tune of millions of Euros and US Dollars.

So Malaysia is busy looking for ways and means to enrich and prosper all developed nations who are certainly fearing a tornado of financial crisis that seems quite set in the horizon.

So just because Najib can give them business deals and attractive employment opportunities, these leaders have chosen to play blind and deaf and mute to the realities back in our own yard.

From songs of "moderate nation" to "prosperous leadership" Najib continues to carve a global image for himself. Well nothing wrong with that – lest we are accused for being jealous of his successes.

But when the home ground is in tatters and stinks to high heavens with evidences of human rights abuses and political marginalization and religious affronts, we have reasons to question and challenge.

Questions to prick the conscience

Have the leaders of USA, Australia and the UK forgotten that we have a Mongolian murdered here in a heinous way that no country can match in all of its recorded history and yet we have no killers and plotters?

Have the leaders forgotten how civil society was beaten, arrested and chased away when they assembled for peaceful, unarmed protests in all of the BERSIH rallies?

Have the leaders who seemingly only care for their own citizens' well being and their very own power agendas, not aware of how Malaysia rates in the world index for human rights? What about how we have notoriously been treating the exodus of immigrant labor and how the system rips off and profiteer from the millions of foreign labor in the country?

Have you Honorable – the British Prime Minister, US Secretary of State and Australian Prime Minister not read your local dailies that have responsibly reported how we have messed up religious freedom, rights and honor recently through the "Allah" debacle affronting the non-Muslims here?

Are you also absolutely blind to the way we are raping our environment and disposing indigenous natives of their rights?

Have you forgotten how Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was sacked, charged and still continues to be hounded using the 'Sodomy fixation' by the so-called government of Malaysia that you now say is a model to the world and feel so gratified that it can now give you billions of currency opportunities?

Creating ‘Africas’

You know for sure how elections here are still being questioned the world over for suspicions as well as alleged lack of free, fair and clean benchmarks as observed by democratic nations. You surely know too that Malaysia practices gerrymandering – don't you?

Malaysians are crying under the yoke of increased living costs, stagnant wages, divisive policies based on race and creed priorities, and more threats of GST and TPPA in the pipeline.

If you are not practicing 'colonialisation' now then what else is it? There seems to be no other way to explain how you could be praising and flattering Malaysia's leadership when the world – including all your own citizens know the whole truth and nothing else but the truth about what really is taking place in Malaysia these past thirty years.

Hopefully your own nation's local dailies will find it appropriate and important to spill the beans in the wake your "any means to your ends" strategies that you are championing.

Let us not in the distant future end up lamenting that it is leaders like you who would be guilty of creating many ‘Africas’ in the world.


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Posted: 30 Oct 2013 07:48 PM PDT

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