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Anwar Ibrahim

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Anwar Ibrahim

Sehari Bersama Anwar Ibrahim–Liputan Koran Tempo

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 08:58 AM PST

Klik imej untuk besarkan keratan

Pakatan Desak SPR Batal Daftar 42,000 Pemilih Ragu

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 07:49 AM PST

Pakatan Wants ‘Project IC’ RCI to Cover Whole Nation

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 02:57 AM PST


Just days before the Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is to announce the government's decision on the proposal to establish a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) on illegal immigrants in Sabah given citizenship and rights to vote, Pakatan Rakyat demanded that the RCI cover not just the land below the wind but the whole nation.

"We urge the government to establish (the RCI) immediately and don't limit it to just Sabah because this is a national issue," said PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim during a press conference at PKR headquarters after chairing the Pakatan leadership council meeting.

The opposition coalition also wanted the authorities to verify the citizenship and voting rights of those dubious voters before calling the next general election.

It was reported that Najib is expected to make the much-awaited announcement with regard to the federal cabinet's decision on the RCI during his next visit to Sabah, slated for two days beginning on Feb 16.

According to Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Maximus Ongkili, the recent cabinet meeting had discussed the issue in detail.

Photo Anwar Ibrahim Bersama Sheikh Yusof Al-Qardhawi,Menteri Kebudayaan Qatar Dan Khalid Mashal Pemimpin HAMAS

Posted: 12 Feb 2012 08:00 PM PST

Bersama Khalid Mashal Pemimpin HAMAS

Bersama Sheikh Yusof Al-Qardhawi

Bersama Menteri Kebudayaan Qatar H.E Dr.Hamad bin Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al-Kuwari

Sedang Berbincang Bersama Sheikh Yusof Al-Qardhawi

Speech by Turkish President Abdullah Gul at the OIC

Posted: 12 Feb 2012 06:37 PM PST

Statement of the Hon. Alcee L. Hastings
October 28, 2003

Regarding the Recent Speech of Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Gul
There has been much reaction, and justly so, to the virulently anti-Semitic remarks of outgoing Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir at the recent Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Summit in Malaysia. His remarks, crude, insensitive, and untrue, have been roundly condemned by many world leaders—though certainly not enough who were at the OIC Conference. Unfortunately, the publicity over his remarks has overshadowed another speech by a Muslim leader,Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Gul. That speech is more tolerant and farsighted. It speaks well ofTurkey's current government and the policies it seeks to enact. Foreign Minister Gul argues that Islam, tolerance, and modernization are compatible, and highlights the Turkish experience. I believe the speech is well worth our colleagues reading, and I am pleased to bring it to their attention.



Distinguished guests,

It is a particular honor and privilege to take part in this Welcoming Dinner among such a distinguished group of guests and speakers.

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute for this well-thought occasion to discuss such a topical subject.

Tonight I will briefly share with youTurkey's understanding and practice of the relationship between Islam and Modernization, and the challenge we face as Muslim societies.

Let me start by challenging the choice of a word in the title of our dinner; "Islam versus Modernization". I would decline to see Islam and modernization as competing concepts.

The Turkish experience and many other efforts in the Muslim world in political, economic and social development rest on the belief that it is perfectly possible to advance a society in all fields while Islamic faith and culture continues to play an important role in people's individual lives.

Our challenge is to prove that traditional and moral values can be in perfect harmony with the modern standards of life.

Not only that. Our values can contribute to and strengthen the modern world.
They can even be enriching for modern societies.


Distinguished guests,

I acknowledge that the contemporary Muslim societies, at times, have had temporary difficulties in coping with the universal developments in the fields of politics, economics, science and technology.

Yes, they have not always attained the highest standards of democracy, equality, or social rights yet.

However, the good news is that there is a growing awareness of the shortcomings and a desire to overcome them.
There are even positive steps in this direction. Today's meeting is an example of this healthy debate.

These are all important indications.

I am confident that the new generations of Muslims, the youth, have the consciousness and the capacity to attain a glorious future which will surpass their history.

Their history as cultivated, tolerant, developed and good governed people.
Peoples which have developed sophisticated legal systems, free trade networks, health institutions and schools.

Distinguished Guests,

Leaving aside the theoretical discussions on the issue, I would like to take this opportunity to brief you on our own experience. Our experience as a government, less than one year old.

To many people, it seemed like a paradox: A government that was formed by a party known to be based on moral and traditional values was implementing a most spectacular economic and political reform campaign in Turkey; reforms that even astonished the liberals at home.

There was nothing to be surprised about. We had put in front of us a mission to accomplish: We were to prove that a Muslim society is capable of changing and renovating itself, attaining contemporary standards, while preserving its values, traditions and identity.

We acted on the premise that highest contemporary standards of democracy-fundamental freedoms, gender equality, free markets, civil society, transparency, good governance, rule of law and rational use of resources were universal expectations. We believed that Turkish people and other Muslim nations fully deserved to have these-expectations met.

We believed that our societies could only benefit from the realization of these standards. And indeed, Muslim societies have the necessary historical background and moral and spiritual strength to adapt themselves to modernity.

We believed that encouraging political participation, increasing transparency and accountability would make regimes stronger in the long run. The result would be self-confident and cohesive societies which have an interest in peace and harmony.

Our strength came from being eye to eye with our people. The big support we got during and after the elections showed our strong ties with our grassroots. Our experience has differed from the others by not relying only on the elites.

We began our reform from the very day we formed the government: We decreased the number of ministries from 35 to 23, thus making the administration more streamlined and efficient.

This was followed by a Public Administration Reform project aimed at the decentralization of most public services.

This would give the Central Government more time and space to tackle the global issues while at the same time speeding up the delivery of the services.

The Penal Code, the Civil Code and the Press Law are all being further modernized.

During the eight-month times Turkish Parliament adopted there major political reforms packages. These were related to the process initiated by the previous governments to upgrade the Turkish legislation on fundamental rights and freedoms in conformity with Europe.

Through the reforms and other measures, my Government achieved the following:

Fundamental rights and freedom were extended to the most liberal standards. Some residual restrictions were removed.
Additional facilities were provided for the fulfillment of cultural and religious rights.

The principle of zero tolerance to mistreatment and torture became the basis of the relevant laws and their implementation.

The civilian nature of the administration was consolidated in keeping with the European standards.
We became party to international conventions against corruption.

Full transparency of public expenses, including the military, was secured.

Capital punishment was formally abolished. This decision was further consolidated by the ratification of the relevant Conventions.

Economic reforms complemented the political ones. Priority was given to the rational and effective use of our resources.

Having told all these, I do not mean that everything is perfect in Turkey. I believe that social and political development is a dynamic process. It can always be improved, bettered, deepened.

The important thing is to give the societies the possibilities and instruments to renew themselves.
The important thing is not to ignore the social expectations and sensitivities.

On the other hand, we know that there is no single or a simple formula to achieve this goal. We need to act in recognition of our peculiarities and different historical experiences.
Yet, as Muslim societies we share a common core that is rich and beneficial. This core is fully compatible with what we see as universal values.

These values are "universal" because no one can claim monopoly over humanistic values that are the common inheritance of civilization. Islam has made highly significant contributions to this common civilization.

Finally, I would like to reiterate my belief that the maladies of the Muslim societies can be cured. Shortcomings can be overcome. Institutions can be reformed.

However, the problems that inflict some of the Western societies, like racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, materialism, violence, drugs, etc. seem to me most difficult to cure. This is another important challenge that should be tackled by all. May be as a theme of another meeting like this one.

Thank you.

Dr M Made The Judiciary Dependent on Politicians, Ex-Chief Justice

Posted: 12 Feb 2012 01:16 AM PST

The Malaysian Insider

The retired judge highlighted the amendment to Article 121 of the Federal Constitution, made during Dr Mahathir's administration in the 1980s, which effectively clipped the judiciary's wings for over two decades.

As a result of the amendment, the judicial powers of the courts were removed and they have only such judicial powers as Parliament gives," Mohd Dzaiddin said, adding that it meant "Parliament is more superior than what the judiciary was."

The man, who once headed the country's courts, said the amendment was repugnant "because Parliament attempted to dictate to the judiciary that it only has judicial powers which Parliament itself says the judiciary has."

He stressed: "This alters in my view in a very fundamental manner the basic structure of the Federal Constitution, from the concept of the independence of the judiciary to dependence of the judiciary on the executive for its judicial powers."

Malaysia's judiciary is not a tool to be used by the government for any kind of political expediency, Mohd Dzaiddin said.

"The judiciary should be completely independent both of the executive and the legislature," the retired judge said in his keynote speech celebrating Tunku Abdul Rahman's birthday and the Institute of Democracy and Economic Affairs' (IDEAS) second anniversary at the Tunku Abdul Rahman Memorial today.

In 1988, then Lord President Tun Mohamed Salleh Abas was sacked by then-Prime Minister Dr Mahathir.

Mohd Dzaiddin said the incident was due to clashes in opinions between Dr Mahathir and Salleh over the roles of the two arms of government.

Bar Council president Lim Chee Wee also said the incident in 1988 should never be repeated.

"I think there is a recognition now by everybody, we must never go back to the days of '88, we must never allow a prime minister to sack judges just because he made a judicial pronouncement which was unfavourable to the government of the day, that must never ever happen again," he said.

Lim said for commercial cases, Malaysia's judiciary system was credible enough to handle cases from the region.

"But the ultimate test is of course when it comes to politically sensitive cases or religious cases and how our appellate courts deal with it.

"On that score, I still give them a minus because so far as religious cases go, the conversion cases, there is a fear by our appellate courts in having to make a decision. They keep postponing, the controversial cases just being postponed, then there is of course the Perak crisis," he said.

On Wednesday, a three-man panel of judges in the Court of Appeal ruled that the rights and freedom of speech enshrined in the Federal Constitution are not absolute.

As a result, veteran DAP MP Karpal Singh's statement at a press conference in 2009, that the Sultan of Perak could be sued, had crossed legal lines and amounted to sedition, the judges said.

"To be fair, we have very courageous judges who have awarded substantial damages against the government for wrongful detention. So to be fair there are those, in the words of Tun Dzaiddin, 'silver lining out there'," Lim said.

Pertemuan Anwar Ibrahim bersama pemimpin Hamas, Khaled Mashal dan Sheikh Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi

Posted: 10 Feb 2012 09:27 PM PST

Pengerusi Hamas, Khaled Mashal bersama Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar Ibrahim berbincang bersama Sheikh Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi

Rakaman Ceramah Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim di Doha, Qatar

Posted: 10 Feb 2012 09:05 AM PST


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Anwar Ibrahim: Lepas Arab Spring, Dalam Pilihanraya Akan Datang, Malaysi...

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 04:06 AM PST

Anak Muda Kampung Nak Senang

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Anak Muda Kampung Nak Senang

Lagi ceramah dibatalkan akibat ganguan samseng

Posted: 12 Feb 2012 06:43 PM PST

Feb 12, 2012 - Satu lagi ceramah, kali ini mengenai kebebasan akademik terpaksa dibatalkan malam tadi selepas sekumpulan remaja menganggu majlis itu dan mengepung lokasi yang dicadangkan di Kampung Idaman, Klang.

Ketika dihubungi, Presiden Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) Ahmad Syukri Ab Razab berkata "samseng" berkenaan telah memecahkan kerusi dan menyelerakkan dewan serbaguna itu sebelum ceramah bermula.

"Mereka juga mengepung lokasi itu dan kami terpaksa berlindung di sebuah gerai makanan berhampiran sementara menunggu keadaan kembali tenang," katanya.

Walau bagaimanapun, kumpulan yang terdiri daripada kira-kira 70 orang, kata Ahmad Syukri, enggan berganjak dan ini memaksa pelajar yang berjumlah kira-kira 15 orang itu membuat laporan di balai polis Pandamaran.

"Kami tiba di balai polis Pandamaran pada kira-kira jam 11.30 malam, samseng itu terus ekori kami dan mula berkumpul di sana bersama motosikal mereka," katanya.

Kejadian ini adalah kali kedua apabila ceramah seumpama itu di Klang terganggu. Kali pertama, ceramah pertubuhan Asalkan Bukan Umno (ABU) 'diserang' remaja bermotosikal yang bertindak ganas dengan menyerbu lokasi di Jalan Kebun dan dilaporkan memukul seorang pemuda.

Baling batu

Menurut Ahmad Syukri, akibat keadaan yang tegang, polis Pandamaran memutuskan untuk mengiringi pelajar ke Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Klang untuk membuat laporan.

"Tiga kereta polis mengiringi kami dalam konvoi lima kenderaan tetapi ketika kami keluar, mereka membaling batu dan memukul kereta kami dengan kayu.

"Syukur, cermin kereta kami tidak pecah tetapi kereta (timbalan presiden, Kumpulan Aktivis Mahasiswa Independen) Khalid Mohd Ismath kemek teruk," katanya sambil menambah polis juga tidak mampu berbuat apa-apa.

Samseng-samseng itu sekali lagi mengekori pelajar berkenaan ke ibu pejabat polis daerah Klang dan kali ini, kata Ahmad Syukri bilangan mereka meningkat kepada lebih 100 orang.

"Selepas membuat laporan polis, kami dinasihatkan supaya tidak meninggalkan balai polis berkenaan demi keselamatan.

"Malah sehingga jam 4 pagi, samseng itu masih di luar, jadi kami terpaksa melarikan diri melalui pintu lain dengan bantuan penduduk tempatan," katanya.

Menurut Ahmad Syukri, pelajar akhirnya berjaya meninggalkan tempat itu tanpa sebarang kejadian yang tidak diingini dan tanpa sebarang kecederaan.

Ceramah malam tadi adalah sebahagian daripada program jelajah mereka ke seluruh negara bagi menuntut kebebasan akademik. Walau bagaimanapun, ini adalah kali pertama ia diganggu.

Aduan masalah kualiti serius kereta Proton

Posted: 12 Feb 2012 06:38 PM PST

Diharapkan pihak Proton dapat menyiasat kesahihan aduan di bawah ini , seterusnya mengambil tindakan yang perlu agar industi otomotif negara ini sentiasa berdaya saing dan mendapat sokongan padu pengguna tempatan.

Proton Saga FLX – Enjin Mati Secara Mengejut
February 11th, 2012 - Semalam aku mengalami pengalaman yang sama dengan Encik KHARZUL RAFI MD YAZID iaitu enjin mati secara tiba-tiba semasa sedang memandu PROTON SAGA FLX 1.3 (CVT) pada kelajuan 150km/j. Kelajuan 150km/j itu cuma dalam tempoh 15 saat sahaja semasa sedang memotong kereta.Lampu amaran CVT menyala dan pada masa yang sama enjin mati mengejut.


Pihak PROTON boleh buat dua pengesan suhu untuk unit CVT tersebut. Pengesan suhu pertama adalah sebagai amaran kepada pemandu dengan cara memaparkan lampu amaran CVT pada suhu tertentu sebelum mencapai suhu maksimum CVT. Lampu amaran CVT dipaparkan untuk beberapa minit sebelum enjin dimatikan. Pengesan suhu kedua adalah untuk mengesan suhu maksimum 'belt' CVT dan mematikan enjin.
Adakan 'cut off' untuk 'top speed' kereta PROTON SAGA FLX 1.3 (CVT) pada kelajuan 14okm/j.
Diharap pihak PROTON yang LEBIH ARIF dengan perkara ini boleh menyelesaikan masalah ini dengan secepat mungkin.

By: MimiTaro

Kerosakan Enjin CVT Saga FLX
December 30th, 2011

Saya baru membeli proton saga flx pada 26 November 2011 di Bayangan Dinamik SB di Bandar Baru Bangi, yang merupakan pengedar sah PROTON.

Kenderaan ini merupakan kenderaan utama untuk saya berulang alik ke pejabat di Putrajaya. Tetapi saya merasa sangat kecewa dan hampa apabila belumpun sampai 2 minggu kereta ini mempunyai masalah. Berikut adalah kronologi pembelian kereta ini:

26 November 2011 – Menerima kereta daripada wakil pengedar Bayangan Dinamik Sdn. Bhd., Bandar Baru Bangi.
3 Disember 2011 – Sedang dalam perjalanan ke kedai buku di Alam Damai, kereta ini telah menunjukkan tanda amaran kegagalan CVT. Saya bersama anak-anak hampir menemui kemalangan kerana kereta tidak mempunyai pick-up langsung. Telah menghubungi dealer dan menyuruh rujuk kepada manual. Dalam keadaan panik, suami telah menelefon talian 1-800-888-398 untuk meminta bantuan. Berjaya pulang kerumah dengan keadaan kereta yang membahayakan.
9 Disember 2011 – Amaran CVT menyala lagi, semasa dalam perjalanan pulang daripada solat jumaat jam 2.30 petang di lebuhraya SILK Balakong. Hampir dilanggar oleh kereta lain, kerana secara tiba-tiba kereta bergerak perlahan. Sekali lagi menelefon talian bantuan kerosakan. Dinasihati untuk berhenti seketika. Sampai dirumah telefon semula bantuan kerosakan, bantuan lori towing hanya sampai jam 4.30 petang dan membawa kenderaan ke pusat servis di cheras. Menelefon pusat servis bertanya bila kereta akan dibaiki dan dimaklumkan kereta hanya akan dibaiki pada minggu berikutnya kerana 10 Disember 2011 (Sabtu) hanya menjalankan servis kereta yang biasa sahaja.
12 Disember 2011 – Telah menelefon pusat servis dan dimaklumkan kereta akan disiapkan pada hari itu. Setelah menunggu hingga petang, sekali lagi dimaklumkan kereta tidak dapat disiapkan.
13 Disember 2011 – Kereta telah diambil daripada pusat servis tanpa memberi apa-apa penerangan mengenai pemasalahan yang dihadapi.
24 Disember 2011 – Jam 9.30 pagi menghantar kereta ke pusat servis yang sama untuk servis 1,000km pertama. Jam 12.45 kereta baru disiapkan. Mengharapkan kereta dalam keadaan baik selepas menukar engine oil, oil filter, gasket drain plug dan magnetrap.
25 Disember 2011 – Jam 2.00 petang ketika hendak keluar bersama keluarga ke kenduri kahwin, lampu amaran CVT bernyala lagi. Dalam keadaan keadaan jalanraya yang sibuk, terpaksa memberhentikan kereta dan ini sangat membahayakan keluarga saya yang berada didalam kereta ketika itu. Telefon semula bantuan hotline, tetapi jawapan yang sama diterima. Telah bercakap dengan salah seorang pekerja di talian bebas tol i-care dan mengadu masalah yang dihadapi, dinasihatkan untuk menghubungi proton i-care.
Dengan keadaan yang telah berlaku ini, saya merasa SANGAT KECEWA, HAMPA DAN SUDAH TAWAR HATI. Inikah yang dikatakan MALAYSIA'S LEADING MANUFACTURER??

Diharap pihak PROTON menghubungi saya bagi menyelesaikan masalah yang sedang dihadapi ini. Disebabkan masalah ini, saya terpaksa menyewa kereta untuk pergi bercuti kerana semuanya telah dirancang tetapi lain yang berlaku, kegembiraan menerima kereta baru hanyalah seminggu, selepas itu saya menanggung kesusahan dan penyesalan yang amat sangat dengan PROTON.

Saya memberi tempoh dua (2) minggu dari tarikh e-mail ini utnuk pihak PROTON mengambil inisiatif menyelesaikan masalah saya.


Proton Persona baru mengalami masalah ECU Box
February 12th, 2012

Saya bekerja di Pulau Pinang. Pada 9hb jun 2010 saya telah membeli kereta proton persona elegent 1.6 manual di sebuah syarikat panjualan kereta di negeri ini dengan harga 53k. Pada 1hb ogos 2010 saya memandu kereta tersebut ke pahang.

Pada pagi 5hb ogos 2010, saya ingin memulakan perjalanan ke Pulau Pinang semula tiba-tiba kereta saya mengalami masalah. Timing turun naik sedangkan pada waktu itu saya tidak menekan pedal minyak. Saya hantar kereta saya ke pusat service proton di Bandar Maran untuk di periksa.

Pekerja pusat service buat pemeriksaan terhadap kereta saya dan mendapati terdapat masalah pada ECU Box. Saya bertanya pada kerani di pusat proton tersebut kenapa kereta saya mngalami masalah ecu box sedangkan kereta tu baru sahaja di beli. Kerani menerangkan pada saya, kereta proton persona elegent yang bernombor casis macam kereta saya dan ke bawah memang akan mengalami masalah ecu box.

Persoalannya, kenapa saya tidak diberitahu tentang perkara ini semasa saya hendak membeli kereta tersebut? Apa hak saya sebagai pengguna? Kenapa selepas kereta tersebut mengalami kerosakan baru maklumat ini sampai kepada saya? Itu pun selepas di tanya. Sedangkan rekod sudah ada yang mengatakan kereta saya akan mengalami masalah. Bagaimana kalau semasa saya memandu dalam kelajuan tertentu dan kereta saya mengalami masalah tersebut? Nasib baik kejadian itu terjadi semasa saya baru hendak memulakan perjalanan.

Adakah kereta buatan malaysia yang di pasarkan dalam malaysia sendiri tidak berkualiti? Saya sebagai pengguna rasa tertipu. Harap pihak yang bertanggungjawab tolong ambil serius perkara ini. Jangan bila sudah ada nyawa yang melayang di sebabkan kesilapan proton, baru nak ambil tindakan.

By: roshidi

Kerosakan serius pada Proton Persona
January 16th, 2012

Di sini saya ingin melahirkan rasa tidak puas hati yang amat-amat sangat kepada Proton dan seluruh pihak yang berkenaan. Untuk pengetahuan, saya baru sahaja membeli Proton Persona H-Line (full spec) tapi setelah saya membeli kenderaan tersebut, hanya beberapa kali sahaja dapat digunakan.

1700 km : Kerosakan pertama telah berlaku dimana kenderaan telah mengeluarkan pelbagai bunyian serta keroasakan pada brek dan penjimatan minyak. Hasilnya, terpaksa tinggal beberapa hari dengan penyelesaian yang diberikan kononnya kereta lain pun mengalami masalah yang sama. Juga telah ditipu oleh Pusat Servis Mutiara Damansara (3S center kononya yang perkhidmatan macam hampas) kononnya telah menukar dashboard tapi sebenarnya tidak.

3400 km : Kerosakan sama berulang kembali dan sekali lagi menghantar ke Pusat Servis Mutiara Damansara (3S center kononnya). dapat kembali kereta dengan masalah lain pula yang timbul dan ruang dalaman kenderaan bercalar teruk.

8100 km : Kerosakan sama berulang kembali beserta dengan kerosakan baru lagi yang muncul dan tidak dibaiki tetapi ditipu kononnya dibaiki.

10000 km : Hantar lagi ke Pusat Servis Mutiara Damansara untuk tukar dashboard serta barang yang bercalar beserta dengan timbul juga masalah baru.

Boleh dikatakan sepanjang proses menghantar ke pusat servis mutiara damansara, perkhidmatan cukup-cukup mengecewakan dan masing-masing seolah melepas tangan. Tidak lag masuk terpaksa tinggal kereta sehingga kadang-kadang 4 hari untuk baiki.

Berikutan daripada masalah ini, saya telah membuat laporan kepada banyak pihak dan masing-masing lepas tangan. Telah menelefon kononnya Branch Manager Mutiara Damansara tapi tinggal harapan palsu kerana mereka ini takkan panggil balik customer. kalau saya call pun untuk beberapa kali tiada jawapan.

Saya juga telah membuat aduan kepada pihak-pihak yang berkenaan yang kononnnya membela pengguna pun sama juga tidak melayan.

Antaranya saya telah membuat aduan kepada NCC, jawapan yang diberikan asyik sedang memproses aduan tanpa ada apa-apa jawapan daripada mereka selepas itu.

Juga telah membuat aduan kepada KPDNKK juga cukup mengecewakan kerana katanya hanya boleh menerima aduan tapi tidak boleh mengambil apa-apa tindakan.

Yang paling mengecewakan ialah merujuk kepada Tribunal Pengguna dan jawapan yang diberikan tidak dapat menolong kerana nilai harga kenderaan itu sendiri. Saya cuba meminta nasihat daripada mereka namun jawapan yang diberikan adalah sama ditambah lagi "kalau encik nak ambil tindakan pergilah cari peguam, masuk mahkamah".

Sekarang saya tidak tahu lagi kemana harus untuk mengadu seolah-olah pengguna tiada kuasa langsung. Dimana hak kami? Cuba bayangkan lah, saya terpaksa bayar bulanan untuk benda yang saya tidak guna. Dimanakah Proton yang cakap berapi kononnya nak berikan perkhidmatan yang terbaik? Kerana kereta sayan yang bermasalah, terus aduan saya tidak dilayan dan dibakul sampahkan.

By: kamal


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Bersantai Bersama Sham Kamikaze di Masjid Nakhoda

Posted: 12 Feb 2012 05:48 PM PST

Tarikh : 12 Februari 2012
Tempat : Dataran Masjid Kg.Nakhoda 


Angkatan Muda