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Siri Jelajah Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim Ke Pahang

Posted: 25 May 2012 06:57 AM PDT

Merdeka Rakyat

27 Mei 2012 (Ahad)

1)    9.00 – 12.00 mlm – Ceramah Perdana 1 – Merdeka Rakyat

        Lokasi: Pekan Tongkiat, Bandar Pusat Jengka  



i.                    YB Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim

ii.                  YBhg Dato' Ariff Sabri

iii.                YBhg Nizam Abdul Hamid

iv.               YBhg Bostamin Bakar


2)    9.00 – 12.00 mlm – Ceramah Perdana 2 – Merdeka Rakyat

        Lokasi: Markas PAS, Bandar Baru Maran



i.                    YB Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim

ii.                  YBhg Tok Guru Haji Ahmad Baki Osman

iii.                YBhg Dato' Fauzi Abdul Rahman

iv.               YBhg Dr Hamzah Jaafar

Aren’t We Already in a State of Lawlessness?

Posted: 25 May 2012 03:02 AM PDT

By Mat Zain Ibrahim

Regardless of its terms of reference, the people will have to contend with the independent panel to investigate violence during the Bersih 3.0 rally that has been handpicked by the government. And we may have to wait a little while before judging whether the panel is fair or biased, or simply redundant.

This is in view of the attorney-general’s pre-emptive moves in charging several people under the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012, as well as having advised the government to sue the Bersih steering committee for damages.

The investigations, or any other action pertaining to Bersih 3.0, should have been put on hold once the government announced the formation of the said independent panel. Similar action was taken during the black eye incident, when I was instructed to put investigations on hold the moment the cabinet announced the setting up of the RCI. Abdul Gani Patail is fully aware of this precedent.

Be as it may, the impartiality of the panel has been a subject of contention since its formation was announced, particularly the appointment of Hanif Omar as the chairperson. The test of their impartiality will be whether the panel is willing to raise the issue on the position of Gani Patail, to whom the panel’s findings will be submitted for a decision.

Where goes the panel report?

Although many will disagree, but if there is need for a panel to investigate Gani, then I suggest that both Hanif and retired Chief Justice of Borneo Steve Shim are the most appropriate persons to be in that panel. I am also of the view that Gani’s antics cannot get past these two distinguished gentlemen.

For the benefit of all, this is Steve Shim’s decision on Gani’s conduct in Zainur Zakaria vs PP [2001] 3 CLJ:

“In the circumstances, was he (referring to Anwar Ibrahim) not justified, on a prima facie basis, in complaining that the AG’s (Gani Patail’s) conduct at the meeting on 2 October 1998 was an attempt to get Nalla to fabricate evidence in order to perfect charges against him (Anwar) for other alleged sexual offences?”

The former CJ is expected to defend his decision on the above and he will certainly be backed by Hanif, who knows the truth of what exactly happened in 1998 and how the facts were manipulated and by whom. Particularly now, since the panel’s report will eventually be scrutinised by none other than Gani himself.

The government of the day, then and now, cannot deny being fully aware of Shim’s decision on Gani. The government must recognise the former CJ’s decision in the same manner Dr Mahathir takes cognisance of another Federal Court decision, as found in his memoir A Doctor in the House (page 695):

“Most Malaysians are ignorant of the contents of the judgment of the Federal Court, which acquitted Anwar on a technicality due to the error relating to the date of the incident. They are not aware that the majority of the Federal Court had held that in their judgment they found ‘…evidence to confirm that the appellants (Anwar and Sukma) were involved in homosexual activities and we are more inclined to believe that the alleged incident at Tivoli Villa did happen’…”

No one saw Anwar sodomise Sukma or anybody else, or having sex with any woman. The Federal Court came to that conclusion merely relying on evidence gathered or manufactured by Musa Hassan and presented before the judges by Gani and his prosecution team.

But where falsification and fabrication of evidence are concerned, several people saw what Gani did. Musa Hassan and Dr Rahman Yusof not only saw it but were parties to it, willingly or otherwise. Another pathologist from Hospital Kuala Lumpur testified in court that Anwar’s blood sample for DNA tests was stolen from the doctor’s custody on Oct 15, 1998.

Over and above that, I not only saw with my own eyes what Gani did, but I went to the extent of warning him of the complications that could be expected in the near future when he (Gani) is discovered, besides telling him of the stern instructions and warning from the prime minister himself, whom I briefed on Oct 8, 1998, that there should not be any cover-up in the investigations involving Anwar Ibrahim. Most importantly the products of the falsifications are available for all to see.

One important question immediately comes to mind: Which of the two Federal Court decisions cited above should be given more weight? It must be noted that Shim’s decision on Gani came first.

Does that mean that if the court decides against Anwar, then the decision is said to be correct or is in the right direction, but when a court decides in favour of Anwar, then the court is wrong or the judge has a political agenda or may be labelled as a communist sympathiser?

If Shim’s decision on Gani is not given its due weight nor respected by the government of the day, then Shim should not be allowed to remain on the panel. Should the government have some decency to accept a legitimate judicial decision of the highest court of the country, then Gani should henceforth be suspended and made to face the due process.

The government of the day must explain how on earth was Gani Patail, despite allegations of having a tainted resume, chosen to be the attorney-general in 2002 and how such conduct could have escaped the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s scrutiny.

Ulterior motives involved?

Either the government had ulterior motives or the government was simply negligent in exercising due care in vetting Gani’s suitability and competency before he was recommended to be appointed as the AG.

Either way ,the Agong was deceived into believing that Gani Patail was the most suitable and not encumbered with any criminal culpability if compared with at least two other candidates. The Agong would not have appointed Gani had he not been so deceived.

Former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson was fired just four months after his appointment, for merely allowing two inaccuracies on his qualifications to appear in his biodata that was filed with the securities regulators – one in accounting and the other in computer science.

It was not about qualifications he didn’t have. It was all about honesty. If a CEO can cheat about his qualifications, then he can cheat about everything else pertaining to the affairs of the company.

Similarly, if the EC chairperson and his deputy can deceive the Conference of Rulers and the Agong with no feelings of remorse, then they can cheat on everything and anything concerning the electoral roll.

If our government copied the American model of gerrymandering, then it should also adopt their model of testing the honesty of the EC chairperson, as the Americans did with the former Yahoo CEO.

One must also not forget that Musa Hassan was reported to have committed perjury during a trial in 1998 by claiming to have a qualification that he did not, just like Scott Thomson. The only difference between them is that Thompson was caught once and given the boot, while Musa was caught three times in all and yet cleared of any wrongdoing.

If Gani Patail, who has a damning decision on his head and a preponderance of evidence in several other allegations of wrongdoings, can still be allowed to remain in office and carry on with his illegitimate ways of doing things;

If both the EC chairperson and the deputy are said to have secured their positions through fraud and misrepresentations and by concealing their present or previously held membership in a political party and yet are allowed to remain as custodians of the electoral roll;

If the prime minister himself, who could be proven to have affirmed false affidavits in September 2011 and knowingly filing the same in a High Court to avoid having to give his testimony before the said court and yet nothing was done by the appropriate authorities, then;

Are we not in a state of lawlessness already? No?

MAT ZAIN IBRAHIM is a former Kuala Lumpur Criminal Investigations Department chief.

Belia Penggerak Kebangkitan Masa Depan

Posted: 25 May 2012 12:11 AM PDT

Kelab Anwar Ibrahim (AIC) percaya pada Marcapada, peredaran zaman memerlukan belia untuk mengharungi kehidupan dengan lebih cergas dan proaktif. Arus pemodenan ketika ini diperderas dengan memaksimumkan minda ke tahap yang lebih kritis. Belia harus mengambil peluang dalam arus ini untuk bangun dan bawa perubahan kepada negara.

Banyak informasi yang dapat dimanfaatkan belia dipaparkan dalam media massa, tentang kebobrokkan dan kezaliman oleh pemerintah kepada rakyat. Di seluruh dunia, terutama di Mesir, yang menjadi penggerak utama kepada naik dan jatuhnya sesebuah kerajaan. Belia adalah nadi kepada negara, pasak yang mendukung aspirasi negara, malah Imam Syafie pernah menyebutkan, "Jika mahu lihat masa depan sesebuah negara, lihat anak mudanya sekarang"

Selari dengan ayat daripada al-Quran, surah al-Kahfi, menjelaskan (13)

"Kami ceritakan kepada engkau cerita mereka dengan sebenarnya. Sesungguh-nya mereka itu adalah pemuda-pemuda yang beriman kepada Tuhannya, dan Kami beri mereka tambahan pimpinan" disambung dengan ayat berikutnya (14) "Dan Kami teguhkan hati mereka, ketika mereka berdiri dan berkata: Tuhan kami ialah Tuhan langit dan bumi, kami tiada memuja selain daripada-Nya. (Kalau kami sembah selain Allah), tentulah kami mengatakan perkataan yang salah."

AIC meyakini pencerapan daripada kedua-dua ayat tersebut adalah, anak muda harus menjadi kental, harus keras dan berani untuk tolak kezaliman, tolak rasuah, jangan takut kerana Tuhan pasti bersama orang yang benar. Jiwa anak muda yang taat kepada agama sudah tentu akan menitik beratkan integriti dan nilai yang positif. Tidak harus ada kegoyahan kepada ugutan dan kekerasan yang dilontarkan penzalim.

Pastinya ramai anak muda yang tidak menyedari hakikat tentang hak-hak mereka yang diabaikan kerana terleka dengan 'keselesaan' palsu yang dihidangkan kerajaan Barisan Nasional. Adakah itu jenis anak muda yang ingin dihasilkan oleh Malaysia?

Anak muda harus berada di barisan hadapan, menjadi 'whistle blower' didalam negara, iaitu menjadi penggera kepada setiap perkara yang memberi impak buruk kepada negara. Hingga satu tahap, selayaknya anak muda bakal dijadikan kayu pengukur kepada kecemerlangan negara.

Selain itu anak muda harus meletakkan idea mereka pada tahap yang boleh dibanggakan, merebut peluang untuk jawatan penting dalam komuniti, kerana sudah menjadi norma masyarakat di Malaysia yang hanya menerima pendapat dan idea daripada individu yang berpengaruh atau berjawatan. Menjadi sia-sia apabila sebuah idea yang bagus menjadi kurang kredibilitinya kerana individu yang melontarkan idea itu tidak berpengaruh atau berjawatan.

Terutama dalam isu jaminan kehidupan, kestabilan dan keselesaan belia, sekalian anak muda telah muak dengan pelan jangka masa pendek yang dihulurkan oleh sang kapitalis yang akhirnya menjerut leher anak muda, sebagai contoh PTPTN. Asalnya sebagai pelan untuk membantu anak muda untuk belajar, namun modus operandinya adalah untuk mengaut keuntungan dan menguntungkan kapitalis. Anak muda yang baru menamatkan pengajian membawa pulang gulungan sijil beserta setimbun hutang yang akhirnya akan melambatkan tingkat hidup anak muda.

Oleh itu, AIC menggesa agar semua anak muda untuk bangkit dan tolak kezaliman demi membebaskan jiwa dan naluri anak muda. Bangkit menentang kezaliman pemerintah. Isu anak muda bukan sahaja berkisar di PTPTN, AUKU yang menyekat pemikiran mereka, menyekat kebebasan anak muda untuk menyuarakan pandangan mereka tetapi juga kesengsaraan sekeliling yang meruntun perasaan . Jiwa anak muda memang fitrah mereka (seperti yang disebutkan dalam surah al-Kahfi) untuk menolak segala bentuk penindasan.

AIC melihat segala bentuk program yang dianjurkan oleh kerajaan Barisan Nasional di Himpunan Jutaan Belia 2012 sebagai tidak mencerminkan pembentukkan belia yang kita impikan untuk masa depan negara. Kejahilan dan kematangan akal tidak boleh bergerak seiring, maka penganjuran sesebuah program yang "berniat" baik tidak akan mencapai sasaran dengan pengisian aktiviti yang menjurus ke arah lara dan melalaikan.

Justeru AIC menyeru agar semua belia menjadi ejen perubahan yang akan menganjak pemikiran dan daya anak muda ke satu tahap yang lebih dihormati bukannya menjadi penerus pada sisi gelap yang memperbodohkan minda dan mencengkam perlakuan belia sehingga kehilangan kehebatannya.

Generasi Penggerak Zaman
Ahmad Amir Arshad Ahmad Shariman
Koordinator Pembangunan -Belia
Anwar Ibrahim Club

Tanah Lapang Felda Terancam

Posted: 24 May 2012 11:51 PM PDT


Kawasan lapang peneroka tidak akan selamat apabila Felda Global Venture Holdings (FGVH) disenaraikan di Bursa Malaysia, kata PKR.

Pengarah Strategi PKR Rafizi Ramli mendakwa, sebaik sahaja peneroka hilang kawalan terhadap FGVH, tiada apa lagi yang dapat menyekat syarikat itu daripada mengambil alih tanah terbuka atau rumah kedai di kawasan Felda.

Walaupun tanah 10 ekar dan tanah yang dimiliki peneroka tidak dapat disentuh, tetapi kawasan tanpa geran tanah boleh diambil, dakwanya.

Bercakap di konvensyen berhubung hak masyarakat Felda dan Orang Asli, Rafizi memberi amaran, apabila pengambilalihan berlaku, perubahan drastik dalam persekitaran dan kehidupan sosial mereka akan berlaku.

KEADILAN Kenal Pasti Samseng Umno Baling Batu, Telur

Posted: 24 May 2012 11:25 PM PDT

Keadilan Daily

KUALA LUMPUR 25 Mei: KEADILAN telah mengenal pasti samseng Umno yang melempar batu, telur dan botol hingga menyebabkan beberapa penyokong Pakatan Rakyat cedera di ceramah malam tadi.

Menurut Pengarah Operasi Jentera Pilihan Raya KEADILAN Lembah Pantai, Md Zaman Md Tasi, tindakan biadap itu dilakukan oleh Pemuda Umno kawasan berhampiran.

“Saya mengenal pasti mereka adalah Pemuda Umno. Saya merupakan penduduk Lembah Pantai dan mustahil saya tidak mengenali mereka,” katanya pada sidang media di Ibu Pejabat KEADILAN tengahari tadi.

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