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Anwar Ibrahim

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Anwar Ibrahim

Disposable emails used in anti-Anwar petition fraud

Posted: 12 Mar 2015 12:19 AM PDT


The US embassy in Kuala Lumpur today shed more light on the fraud committed in an anti-Anwar petition on the White House website, explaining that over 60,000 signatories were in fact from disposable emails.

In a Facebook posting, the US embassy said it was these type of entries that were zapped from the petition signatory list and it was not done arbitrarily.

"There is an erroneous assumption that the fraudulent signatures removed from The White House petition titled 'Respecting the Sovereign Nation of Malaysia' were the first 60,789 signatures on the petition.

"The White House did remove 60,789 signatures deemed to be fraudulent because a vast majority of those signatures originated from

"Other fraudulent signatures originated from trashmail, sharklasers, and mallinator – all disposable email services," it said.

The US embassy added that the fraud occurred throughout the period of the petition.

Yesterday, the petition demanding the US not to interfere in the jailing of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, which had over 70,000 signatures, suddenly saw it being reduced to only around 12,000.

The petition, which was aggressively promoted by BN supporters on social media, was meant to counter another petition started by former US ambassador to Malaysia John Malott in support of Anwar.

Malott's petition had asked the US to make the release of Anwar as a top priority of the US government.

Anwar was on Feb 10 sentenced to five years in prison for sodomy, a charge he claims is politically motivated.

The petition, titled 'Make the release of Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim from prison a top priority for US policy toward Malaysia', was also aggressively promoted by Pakatan Rakyat supporters on social media.

This petition, too, was briefly removed for a fraud check but it was eventually cleared and restored. It has since hit over 113,000 signatures.

The White House petition platform allows netizens to collect signatures on particular issues and if it hits over 100,000 signatures within the stipulated time, it will be forwarded to the relevant US agencies which must respond to it.

Individuals interested in signing the petition must do so with a legitimate email.

70 MPs sign motion to slam Sodomy II judges

Posted: 12 Mar 2015 12:18 AM PDT


Seventy Pakatan Rakyat lawmakers have signed a motion to condemn the conduct of the five judges in the Sodomy II trial at the Federal Court, which was submitted to speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia this morning.

This eclipses the 63 MPs who signed a similar motion to condemn the three Court of Appeal judges for the same trial last year, which, however, was not allowed to be debated.

PKR parliamentary whip Johari Abdul submitted the motion with all the signatures today, and is awaiting a response from the speaker if the motion would be allowed to be debated.

The motion seeks to recommend that action be taken against the judges under the Judges Code of Ethics Act 2009.

"There are hidden reasons and a pre-emptive judgment was made on Anwar Ibrahim, which is one-sided," the motion read.

Anwar was convicted of sodomising a former aide on Feb 10 and is currently serving a five-year prison sentence at the Sungai Buloh prison.

The motion was filed under Article 127 of the federal constitution, which states that only Parliament can condemn the actions of the judiciary.


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