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Anwar Ibrahim

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Anwar Ibrahim

MH370 exposes Hall of Shame

Posted: 14 Apr 2014 05:56 AM PDT


The grand self-proclamation of "Malaysia, the Best Democracy in the World", with its fantastic education system which rivals the British, American and German systems is a myth designed for die-hard Umno Baru supporters. This fairy-tale was shattered by the disappearance of MH370.

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, like the prime ministers before him, has let down the nation, but the investigation into MH370 has trashed Malaysia's reputation.

We need a cull of the political class to regain our credibility as a nation. We should start with the following initiates of the 'Hall of Shame'. Politicians head the list, then civil servants. If the civil servants were to be replaced before the politicians, the new ones would be corrupted by their political masters, who dictate to them.

Malaysia has been on auto-pilot for several decades and the nation has been performing like a rudderless aeroplane. MH370 signals the beginning of the end of Umno Baru.

The Malaysian Hall of Shame

Number One: Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. Two words describe the MH370 "investigations": Mismanaged. Mishandled. (MM).

MH370 may have been an unprecedented incident but the crisis management team was shambolic, with several people issuing contradictory official statements. Our confidence and trust has been shaken to the core despite all the big talk and the hundreds of billions of ringgits spent on military hardware and sophisticated equipment. We may have the best machinery that money can buy, but are monkeys operating them?

In the first few days of MH370's disappearance, Najib and his wife, the self-styled 'First Lady of Malaysia' (FLOM), sought to gain cheap publicity by "weeping with the families of the passengers and crew of MH370".

Did Najib make a premature announcement that MH370 had crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean, based on one mathematical interpretation by one company? The local press are conditioned not to ask awkward questions but foreign journalists demand answers.

Number Two:Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein. Hishammuddin (left in photo) justified Malaysia's mismanagement of the MH370 investigations by saying that history will judge Malaysia well.

People ask, "Who writes the history books if not the Malaysian cabinet and their proteges?"
Hishammuddiin told the families of passengers and crew of MH370 that miracles do happen. The act of giving false hope is as bad as trading on people's grief.

Number Three: Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. His response to the stolen passport fiasco at KLIA is symptomatic of a sick nation. He told parliament, "Furthermore, Interpol's information of lost (passports) may slow down the process of immigration checks at counters."

Zahid prefers speed to efficiency and safety/security concerns. Interpol has since given Zahid a dressing down and said the checks take 0.2 seconds per passport.

Malaysia is a hub for human trafficking and people have alleged that our police and immigration officials are involved. Will Zahid clean up his department?

Number Four: Deputy Defence Minister Abdul Rahim Bakri. Abdul Rahim told Parliament that the RMAF "assumed" that Flight MH370 had been ordered to turn back by the civilian air traffic controllers.

Following a public outcry, he backpedalled and said that HE had made this assumption. So did the RMAF make this assumption or was Abdul Rahim forced to retract his statement. His U-turn is typical of the tactics of the government of Malaysia.

Lack of communication

Number Five: The Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) director-general Azharuddin Abdul Rahman. Azharuddin contradicted the statements of the home ministry and the inspector-general of polcie (IGP). More worrying than this is the lack of communication between the military and civil aviation authorities.

The MH370 investigation has lacked transparency and is mired in intrigue. This incident has reminded us of the question, by the opposition MP Nurul Izzah Anwar in June 2012, about the roles of the DCA and the Transport Ministry in the award of the contract for the supply of the RM128.4 million air traffic control system to a minster's family through "closed tender".

Three weeks ago, we were told that the final words from the cockpit were "All right, good night". In the past few days, the DCA issued a correction and said the final words were "Good night. Malaysian Three-Seven-Zero".

How can the public be expected to put their faith in the DCA or the investigative bodies with such a simple error as this? So what else is wrong?

Number Six: MAS CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya. When the reputations of the pilot and co-pilot on MH370 were being trashed, Ahmad Jauhari (right) failed to defend his men. Although he did speak on their behalf, he waited several days and the damage was already done. His failure to act immediately demoralised all of the MAS employees.

The sending of a text message to the families of the passengers and crew of MH370, ahead of Najib's announcement that MH370 had gone down in the southern Indian Ocean, is symptomatic of the poor customer relations in MAS. Many people have previously stated that their complaints are rarely acknowledged or addressed.

Number Seven: Chief of the Armed Forces Zulkifeli Mohd Zin. He despatched ships from Lumut on the night MH370 disappeared. He then claimed that a C-130 plane was sent to scout the area the following morning.

What made Zulkifeli confident that he was scouring a potential crash site, thousands of kilometres from where Najib had directed others in the search and rescue (SAR) operations? Is Zulkifeli hiding something from us?

Number Eight: Chief of the RMAF Rodzali Daud. An unidentified plane was picked up by military radar around 200 nautical miles northwest of Penang in the Straits of Malacca, at about the time MH370 went missing. The military failed to act on this information, wasting both time and opportunity.

Number Nine: IGP Khalid Abu Bakar. When asked about the contradictory descriptions of the men using stolen passports, a dismissive Khalid said, "Why ask me? Ask Immigration, or ask Interpol."

The defence minister asked everyone to avoid speculation, but Khalid said that his policemen were analysing all the speculation on the Internet to help in the MH370 investigations.

The IGP should focus on facts, rather than investigating speculation and rumour. He should chase criminals, rather than hound opposition politicians and NGOs.

Number Ten: Witch-doctor Ibrahim Mat Zain, or Raja Bomoh. This shaman heaped ridicule on the country when, at the entrance to KLIA, he used his bamboo binoculars and two coconuts to divine that MH370 had been hijacked by elves and the plane was either suspended in mid-air or had crashed into the sea. He should be jailed if he refuses to say who sent him to KLIA, to mock the suffering of the passengers and crew of MH370.

Bonus: It is reported that Najib's favourite number is 11. When former PM Mahathir Mohamad resigned, he continued to make his presence felt by refusing to hand over the controls of the airship Malaysia, which he was flying to mediocrity. Mahathir completes the list by being the eleventh member of Malaysia's Hall of Shame.

Irene’s true grit triumphed over a false accusation

Posted: 14 Apr 2014 05:48 AM PDT


Irene’s true grit triumphed over a false accusation

She was initially accused of peddling false news when she tried to protect and promote the collective welfare of migrant workers and the downtrodden.

Dragged for years in court, the late Irene Fernandez nonetheless was steadfast in her determination to champion the cause of the neglected. In fact, she spent decades via her NGO Tenaganita, which she spearheaded, to fight for the rights of the oppressed whose dignity as humans were trampled by employers and others who didn't care two hoots about human rights.

The Malaysian government may not want to recognise, let alone appreciate, Irene’stireless work. But concerned Malaysians and civil society have duly paid glowing tributeto this towering Malaysian. Her liberating spirit and noble values will indeed live on especially when the rights of workers are still being violated in our society.

Such violations demand the attention and action of civil society groups and thosewho are dedicated to improving the welfare of workers. It is no wonder that over 50civil society groups have come together to protest against workers' rights violationsand the disciplinary action taken by the management of the much-troubled MAS against the secretary-general of the National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam) and 30 other members.

Likewise, some civil society groups have expressed solidarity with Major Zaidi Ahmad of the Royal Malaysian Air Force who is now facing legal action for doing what a conscientious Malaysian is expected to do. Like the late Irene Fernandez, Zaidi found himself in trouble with the powers that be for speaking truth to power. Obviously this doesn't speak well of the Najib administration, which once boasted of a Malaysia being the best democracy in the world.

Denial of press freedom

That brazen claim (being 'the best democracy') is indeed indefensible. In fact, this assertion becomes all the more untenable when press freedom is once again violated by the federal government. Recently, the Home Ministry denied publishing permits for the print editions of Malaysiakini and FZ Daily. The minister concerned was apparently concerned that 'too many' newspapers in our midst would confuse ordinary Malaysians who are exposed to too much information.

Such a paternalistic and patronising attitude is certainly misplaced and unfortunate given that Malaysians in general are able to think for themselves. They certainly deserve a wide range of opinions about particular issues before they make their informed judgement. At the very least, they are not confused and know how to discern which politicians make imbecile remarks and which ones make perfect sense.

Concerned Malaysians are also not confused when they bear witness to a hate-mongering mob out to create trouble. But they ARE disturbed when the powers that be, otherwise ever so often mindful of actions that could purportedly jeopardise 'political stability' and 'national unity', refuse to take action against these trouble-making hate-spewing groups.

One person who does appear to get easily confused is Ibrahim Ali (or those of his lk),who often acts as if his faith is quite brittle.

In the meantime, ex-premier Mahathir Mohamad seems to have overcome his oft-shaky memory when he admitted he was actually in the country on 19 November 1985 during the terrible and bloody Memali incident, which has yet to achieve closure.


Posted: 13 Apr 2014 11:29 PM PDT

Buat rakyat Malaysia yang berketurunan Tamil, saya ucapkan kepada anda sekeluarga "Iniya Chitterai Puthandu Naal Valthukal"

Tidak dilupakan juga buat masyarakat Sikh yang meraikan hari Vaisakhi. Gagasan hari Vaisakhi yang menyeru kepada persahabatan dan pemahaman bersama sewajarnya terus diterapkan terutamanya dalam merealisasikan negara Malaysia yang lebih bersatupadu.

Anwar Ibrahim

Anak Muda Kampung Nak Senang

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Anak Muda Kampung Nak Senang

Disamun depan rumah lepas keluar duit dari bank

Posted: 13 Apr 2014 09:11 PM PDT

14 April 2014 SEREMBAN – "Macamana penjenayah tahu pelanggan keluar duit banyak dari bank?" – Seorang suri rumah berdepan detik cemas apabila disamun sekumpulan lelaki di hadapan rumahnya di Taman Nuri Indah, di sini, Khamis lalu.

Kejadian berlaku sebaik saja mangsa pulang dari mengeluarkan sejumlah wang di sebuah bank di Jalan Rasah, dekat sini.

Dalam kejadian kira-kira jam 2.30 petang itu, wang berjumlah RM16,000 yang diletakkan dalam beg sekolah anaknya dilarikan penjenayah terbabit yang menceroboh masuk dari pagar rumahnya.

"Saya betul-betul terkejut dengan kejadian itu dan percaya suspek mengekori saya sebaik sahaja keluar dari bank kerana sebelum itu saya mengesyaki ada motosikal dan sebuah kereta mengekori saya, tetapi disebabkan mahu cepat saya tidak mengambil serius," katanya yang telah membuat laporan polis.


Adakah ini bermakna harga daging boleh naik RM39.90 sekilo?

Posted: 13 Apr 2014 04:03 PM PDT

Soba yolah tak. Kok lombu naik ghogo jangan makan lombu, bolo lombu. Sapo yang bolo lombu tu, kono bayalah lobih duit untuk upah pengawal keselamatan untuk jago lombu. Lombu nijam dah pandai naik keto.


13 April 2014 - Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan (KPDNKK) akan memastikan tidak berlaku kenaikan harga daging lembu segar sehingga RM40 sekilogram pada Jun ini.

Timbalan Menterinya, Datuk Seri Ahmad Bashah Md. Hanipah berkata, daging lembu merupakan antara barangan yang termasuk dalam Skim Kawalan Harga mengikut musim perayaan.

Beliau mengulas mengenai laporan sebuah akhbar semalam yang menyebut mengenai ramalan pemain industri mengenai harga daging lembu bakal meningkat sehingga RM40 sekilogram kerana kekurangan bekalan daging lembu segar.


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