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Anwar Ibrahim

Scorpenes: Too Much For Najib To Remain Silent & Too Obvious For MACC to Ignore

Posted: 01 Jun 2012 10:59 AM PDT

Malaysia Chronicle

A bombshell was dropped at the Suaram’s press conference in Bangkok on the Scorpene case which is on trial in Paris, France.

French lawyer Joseph Breham, who is acting on behalf of human rights NGO Suaram, revealed that the company paid 36 million euro (RM142 million) to Terasasi (Hong Kong) Ltd, ostensibly for “commercial engineering” works. However, the company was paid for selling top secret military intelligence on the Scorpene submarines to the French company.

Breham, who based his expose on the French prosecution papers, said the act of “selling” top secret papers to a foreign country such as this is considered treason.

In France, he stressed, it would be absolutely illegal to sell such reports as it could either be considered a breach of defence secrets or high treason.

“It’s treason because you are selling to a competitor or a foreign country what you think about a specific weapon, and your plan on how to use this specific weapon,” replied Breham, when asked by a journalist if it was legal for an individual to sell such reports.

“In France, if you release them (secret documents), you can be punished with up to 10 years in jail,” said Breham

Hong Kong-based Terasasi had been accused of funneling money through its accounts to Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak as “commissions” for the sale of the submarines.

Two Terasasi directors are Najib’s close ally Abdul Razak Baginda and his father Abdul Malim Baginda.

Reform credentials

If the report is true, it is going to shatter Najib’s reforms credentials which have been weakened by several questionable decisions and lack of action to curb abuse of power, corrupt practices, growing politics related violence and poor governance.

These allegations, that Najib and his party had profited from the corrupt proceeds, pose serious challenge to his leadership and personal credibility.

Silence is not a good choice for the embattled premier. He must stand up and speak up to clear the doubts.

His ex-advisor, Abdul Razak Baginda, must be summoned back to answer to these allegations. Otherwise, it would appear to be very difficult for Najib to continue to claim the moral high ground with his 1Malaysia: People First, Performance Now agenda.

It is unprecedented that a serving Malaysian premier is caught in such quagmire and controversy rising from an abuse of direct public procurement. The government has ignored repeated calls for more transparency in its procurement system and to stop using direct negotiations.

Price inflated by ‘middleman’

Now, the premier must answer why we should pay more than RM500 million on commission to a middleman?

Where does the money ended up?

Why aren’t our MACC springing into action and investigate those personalities mentioned in the Paris trial?

Why is the so-called independent anti-corruption commission choose to ignore such huge controversy and allegations against some of the biggest personalities in Malaysia?

Malaysia’s image is surely going to take a harsh beating if the ones connected to the investigation do not cooperate and come clean on the allegations.

Mat Zain: Kenyataan Musa Buktikan Tiada Bukti Kukuh

Posted: 01 Jun 2012 04:24 AM PDT


Mantan Pengarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah (CID) Kuala Lumpur, Mat Zain Ibrahim membidas kenyataan mantan Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Musa Hassan berkaitan kes ‘Liwat I’ yang dikaitkan dengan ketua pembangkang.

Mat Zaid menyifatkan perkara itu sebagai perkara tambahan yang baru sahaja difikirkan (afterthought).

Beliau yang juga pegawai penyiasat dalam kes mata lebam Anwar pada 1998 menegaskan, Musa sepatutnya merujuk beberapa kenyataan berkaitan.

Ia antaranya kenyataannya dalam perbicaraan itu, kenyataannya kepada ketua pasukan penyiasat CID Kuala Lumpur, dakwaan Musa sendiri terhadap Anwar dan kenyataan yang diberikan Mohd Rodwan Yusof.

Menurutnya, sampel darah untuk ujian HIV itu diambil doktor pakar Hospital Kuala Lumpur pada 28 September 1998 sewaktu Anwar ditahan polis dan beliau sendiri memberi kebenaran untuk itu.

Menurut Mat Zain, sampel itu diambil dan diberi berdasarkan prosedur. Namun, sampel yang sama diambil tanpa kebenaran doktor pada 15 Oktober 1998 untuk ujian DNA.

“Doktor menegaskan sampel darah untuk ujian HIV itu tidak sesuai untuk ujian DNA kerana prosedur untuk sampel DNA perlu mematuhi beberapa protokol.

“Apabila Musa mengaku menggunakan darah itu untuk ujian DNA ke atas tilam, ia secara tak langsung bermakna beliau mengakui tidak mempunyai bukti kukuh sewaktu beliau memberi penerangan kepada perdana menteri pada masa itu Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“Jika tidak, kenapa Musa perlu curi sampel darah itu dari HKL dan melakukan ujian DNA ke atas tilam jika siasatannya lengkap sewaktu bertemu Mahathir,” kata Mat Zain.

It’s Proof Of No Concrete Evidence Against Anwar

Posted: 01 Jun 2012 12:04 AM PDT


Former inspector-general of police Musa Hassan’s statements made in yesterday’s interview with Malaysiakini on the Sodomy I case against former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim are seen “as an afterthought”.

On this issue, Musa should have stuck to his evidence given in the trial, his statement to the KL CID investigating team, his own suit against Anwar and the statement given by Mohd Rodwan Yusof, former Kuala Lumpur CID chief Mat Zain Ibrahim said.

Mat Zain, who was the investigating officer in Anwar Ibrahim’s black eye case in 1998, said Anwar while in police custody gave his consent for his blood sample to be taken on Sept 28, 1998, for a HIV test by a Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) doctor.

Mat Zain said the sample was taken and given according to procedures. However, the sample taken for HIV test was taken away, without the doctor’s consent on Oct 15, 1998, for DNA tests as well.

“The doctor should have insisted that the blood sample taken for the HIV test is not suitable for the DNA test, since the procedure for DNA test samples must follow certain protocol,” he said.

Now that Musa had admitted to having used the blood sample for DNA tests with samples taken from the mattress, “then it is as good as him (Musa) admitting that he did not have concrete evidence” when he briefed the then prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“Otherwise, why would Musa want to steal the blood sample from HKL and do the DNA tests on the mattress if he had all the evidence when he briefed Dr Mahathir?” Mat Zain asked.

Mat Zain said it should be remembered that the DNA test was already done at that time and Anwar had already been charged and trial was about to begin in less than a month.

He also noted that the DNA evidence gathered from the mattress was eventually expunged when chemist Lim Kong Boon acknowledged that the evidence could be planted.

In the Malaysiakini interview yesterday, Musa admitted that he took blood samples to conduct the HIV test and it was also used for DNA testing.

This was because, the former IGP said, he had to conduct a full investigation as there were many allegations made in the book “50 reasons why Anwar cannot be PM”.

Good drama script

Without mincing his words, Mat Zain also described Musa’s warning to his (Musa’s) younger brother Fuad not to interfere in the police investigations as “a good drama script”

“If Musa really would arrest his own brother, then he should have arrested present attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail and HKL doctor Dr Abdul Rahman Yusof for fabricating evidence on the black eye investigation.”

The fabricated reports are easily accessible as they are in the public domain.

Mat Zain also said if Musa was honest to himself and the police, he should have supported calls for a tribunal to investigate the allegations made against him and Gani to clear the long-standing disputes.

“The guilty ones must be punished, no matter who they are. Musa knows the various PMs and the Yang di-Pertuan Agong personally. He should not be afraid if he is totally clear of any wrongdoing,” the former KL CID chief challenged.

Absolving himself, Gani and Najib

After having read Musa’s statement on the Altantuya murder case as well, Mat Zain said, it was now more clear that Musa’s willingness to speak to Malaysiakini on various 'subjects’, and published in parts, was to clear himself, Gani and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak through the media in view of the coming general election – and possibly revive his younger brother Fuad’s political profile and ambition as well.

He said, Musa brought up Fuad’s name “out of the blue”, when speaking about his role in Sodomy I. Fuad was a former Hulu Kelang assemblyperson and in the 1990s was considered a rising star and possibly, a Selangor menteri besar in the making.

“However, Fuad’s dream of becoming at least an state executive councillor was shattered when he lost to Azmin Ali in the 1999 general election, garnering just 8,039 votes against Azmin’s 9,185. After that defeat Fuad never recovered politically.

“I can’t say whether there is any correlation between Musa suddenly bringing up his brother’s name at this point in time and the resurfacing of Azmin Ali’s 17-year-old corruption case, which has been reopened by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. But the facts are there and I leave it to the people to make their own assessment,” Mat Zain said.

Musa’s statement that the HKL doctor, Abdul Rahman, was appointed by former attorney-general, the late Mohtar Abdullah, was another distortion of facts, he added.

He said Abdul Rahman was appointed on Oct 26, 1998, by Gani, who was then a senior deputy public prosecutor in the AG’s Chambers.

“This fact is clearly stated in Dr Abdul Rahman’s first expert report prepared on Abdul Gani’s instructions. The doctor’s appointment was made despite my objections.

“I have discovered that Dr Abdul Rahman was under police investigation for 'criminal intimidation’, based on a report lodged against him by another doctor who prepared Anwar’s official medical report.”

“Mohtar then 'reappointed’ Dr Abdul Rahman on Dec 1, 1998, to cover up the first appointment that was made by Gani. Dr Abdul Rahman, then went on to prepare another two more expert reports which contradict each other, making three expert reports in all, including the one instructed by Gani, although the doctor appointed by the AG did not make any physical examination on Anwar,” Mat Zain revealed.

Abdul Rahman, the former top cop said, went on to give his evidence in the Royal Commission of Inquiry, which contradicted not only his expert report but his statement to the police as well.

This, Mat Zain said, was a clear cut perjury but no action was taken against Abdul Rahman.

Musa, he added, also claimed the AG Chambers did not have any intention of fabricating evidence in the black-eye investigation and that it had the right to call its own experts.

“To this I must say that if Gani did not have any intention of fabricating evidence, then he would not have arm-twisted Dr Abdul Rahman into preparing those three expert reports. Gani knew Dr Abdul Rahman was under police investigations as I told him.

“Musa also cannot deny the fact that he and Gani were present at the 30th floor of the Bukit Aman police headquarters on the night of the black-eye incident and they would have known what exactly happened in the lock-up that night.

“They must realise that any attempt to change the true facts which they both knew as the truth is mere distortion of facts.

“Again, I would suggest that Musa insists that Najib seeks the Agong’s consent to have a tribunal set to investigate this matter and see whether Gani and Musa himself can be cleared or otherwise,” Mat Zain added.

Perutusan Gawai dari Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim

Posted: 31 May 2012 06:36 PM PDT

'Selamat Hari Gawai Dayak
Gayu guru, gerai nyamai
Lantang senang ngereja pengawa
Chelap lindap nguan menua
Betuchung baka bukit,
Bekebung baka langit,
Bepunchak baka jala,
Bulih reta bulih tengkira.

Untuk Hari Gawai pada 1-2 Jun ini, sebuah perayaan yang akan memenangi dan dekat di hati para saudara dan saudari daripada Sarawak, terutama komuniti Dayak, saya ingin mengirim ucapan tulus ikhlas dari hati kepada anda.

Walaupun terdapat segenap angka orang Dayak yang masih kekal didalam agrikultur, dan juga dalam industri yang lain seperti perkapalan, minyak dan pendidikan, tetapi nilai dan simbol Hari Gawai tetap sama.

Yang bahawasanya komuniti bergandingan bersama untuk menzahirkan apresiasi kepada hasil yang melimpah ruah serta kelangsungan budaya itu.

Oleh sebab itu Hari Gawai perlu sentiasa diiktiraf dan diraikan bukan sahaja sebagai suatau perayaan untuk rakyat Sarawak, tetapi juga sebagai perayaan rakyat Malaysia.

Sarawak adalah negeri yang terbesar didalam Malaysia, antara penyumbang terpenting untuk kebajikan negara, terutama dalam sektor gas dan minyak. Kaum Dayak pula adalah komuniti keempat yang terbesar dalam negara kita.

Bagaimana keseiringan Sarawak (Dengan Malaysia), dan apakah cita-cita yang didukung Pakatan Rakyat kepada rakyat?

Amat mendukacitakan bahawa majoriti dalam kekayaan sumber, Sarawak tidak menerima faedah yang setimpal sebagai negeri yang bertuah.

Kebanyakan kaum dicerakinkan menjadi kelompok-kelompok yang kecil, kekurangan akses kepada pendidikan, tawaran kerja, kemudahan asas seperti air dan perkhidmatan elektrik, serta penjagaan kesihatan.

Itu perlu ubah, itu perlu diubah.

Saya percaya bahawa arus perubahan telah mula bertiup kearah persisiran Sarawak.

Mereka yang telah kehilangan tanah kepada syarikat-syarikat yang secara jelas menindas, sudah mula menampakkan kemenangan dalam tuntutan hak mereka.

Pilihan Raya Kecil yang lalu adalah satu bukti bahawa rakyat Sarawak kini sudah bangkit menentang keterlampauan dan penindasan yang dilakukan oleh Kerajaan Negeri sekarang.

Pakatan Rakyat tidak melihat Sarawak sebagai satu deposit tetap untuk sesiapa; Sarawak lebih penting daripada hanya sekadar undi. Sarawak terdiri daripada rakyat yang peduli, rakyat yang perlu dibebaskan untuk menerima takdir mereka sebagai rakyat.

Perubahan adalah tunjang Pakatan Rakyat untuk Sarawak, untuk membebaskan rakyat Sarawak.

Sarawak pada hemat kami adalah setara dengan Persekutan Malaysia.

Dalam visi kami untuk masa depan, rakyat Sarawak akan membentuk negeri mereka sementara membantu sebuah persekutuan yang lebih luas untuk menjadi lebih kuat dan bersatu.

Ini adalah semangat/tujuan sebenar Persekutuan Malaysia (Penyatuan Sarawak dalam Gagasan Persekutan Malaysia) ketika dibentuk pada tahun 1963.

Kepentingan negeri dan masa depan harus dijaga dan dijamin, seperti yang termaktub didalam Perlembagaan.

Rakyat Sarawak harus menghentikan peranan mereka daripada terus-terusan menjadi 'batu loncatan' dalam politik di Malaysia, terutama dalam perkara-perkara yang menglibatkan mereka.

Ini adalah matlamat yang kami tju, ini adalah apa yang kami janjikan.

Saya ingin mengkonklusikan dengan mengharapkan agar semua penyatuan semula Hari Gawai diadakan dengan semangat yang hebat untuk memperkasakan semula suatu budaya yang hebat dan kental. Juga kepada semua yang akan pulang ke rumah dan kampung halaman masing-masing, selamat didalam perjalanan mereka, dan mereka menyertai kami dalam Pakatan Rakyat untuk merealisasikan sebuah Malaysia yang adil kepada semua rakyatnya.

Sekali lagi, aku meri besai terima kasih ngagai semua kitai ke bansa Dayak ke nyambut Ari Gawai taun tu. Gayu guru, gerai nyamai! Ketegal Rakyat! Uuuuuhaaaaa!!!


Gawai Address from Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Leader of the Opposition

'Selamat Hari Gawai Dayak

Gayu guru, gerai nyamai

Lantang senang ngereja pengawa

Chelap lindap nguan menua

Betuchung baka bukit,

Bekebung baka langit,

Bepunchak baka jala,

Bulih reta bulih tengkira.

For this Gawai (June 1-2), for this auspicious celebration close to the hearts of my brothers and sisters from Sarawak especially the Dayak community, I want to send my heartfelt greetings to you.

Though, there are even numbers of Dayaks who remain in agriculture, and in other industries like shipping, oil and gas and education, the value and symbol of Gawai remains the same.

That a community comes together to show its appreciation of a bountiful "harvest" in life and the continuation of its culture.

Which is why Gawai should always be recognised and celebrated not only as a Sarawakian event — but a Malaysian one.

Sarawak is Malaysia's largest state, a crucial contributor to the nation's wellbeing, notably in oil and gas revenue. And Dayaks are the 4th largest community in our country.

How is Sarawak faring, and what does Pakatan Rakyat aspire for its people?

It is regrettable that the majority in resource-rich Sarawak's do not enjoy the benefits of being in a blessed state.

Many natives are marginalised, lack access to education, employment, basic amenities such as water and electricity, and healthcare.

That must change, that has to change.

I believe that the winds of change have begun to drift onto the shores of Sarawak.

Those who've lost land to unscrupulous companies have started to win judgements.

The last state election is evidence Sarawakians are waking up to the excesses and abuses of the current state government.

Pakatan Rakyat does not view Sarawak as the fixed deposit for anyone; Sarawak is more important than just votes. It is made of people who matter, people who must be allowed to meet their destiny as a people.

Change is what Pakatan Rakyat champions for Sarawak, to liberate Sarawakians.

Sarawak for us is an equal partner in the Federation of Malaysia.

In our vision of the future, Sarawakians will shape their state while aiding the wider federation to become more unified and strong.

This is the true spirit of federalism Malaysia espoused when it was formed in 1963.

State interest and future must be protected and guaranteed, as stipulated in our Constitution.

Sarawakian must cease to play second fiddle in Malaysian politics, especially in matters affecting them.

This is where we are heading, this is what we are promising.

I would like to conclude by wishing that all the Gawai reunions all across Sarawak are held in the great spirit of rejoicing a proud and vibrant culture. That those travelling back after the holidays will have safe journeys home, and everyone join us in Pakatan Rakyat in realising a Malaysia for all its peoples equally.


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