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The Spirit of Lubok Kawah/Semangat Lubok Kawah

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The Spirit of Lubok Kawah/Semangat Lubok Kawah

Two-party system in Malaysia

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 11:01 PM PST

I adhere to the idea of two-party system in the country to fulfill the democratic rights of the people to have a good choice of the government. With the formation of two party-system, the government will be run more democratically and the civil servants owe no allegiance to the party in power but to the govenment of the day.

Whichever party in the government will get all the support that they need from the civil servants to run the country smoothly for the benefits of the country in accordance to the policy laid down by the party in power but without due allegiance to the party in power.

The civil servants will be a neutral machinery, its work mainly and wholly to implement the policies of the government of the day and would not be involved in the political activities of the party in power.

With the formation of Pakatan Rakyat (the People's Coalition), the country is now almost acceptable to the idea of two party-system.

The advantages of two-party system is the race for good governance and eradication of bad habits of any party in power. There will be efficiency, good governance, less corruption, judicial independence, and more rights to be enjoyed by the people

The Republicans will automatically be replace by the Democrats in the event that the Republicans could not govern the country well and vice-versa. The Labour Government will give way to the Conservatives if it could not implement a policy that is acceptable by the people. The people then became the real masters to craft the democratic need of the country.

In Malaysia, such an idea of two-party system is being mooted out by members of the public who are more open to democratic changes and mainly by the educated lots. While the less educated member of the public are so indulged in a political party and would give all their lots to that political party, right or wrong.

By and large, members of Pakatan Rakyat are more tolerant towards the idea of two party-system, while members of Barisan Nasional are having minds too closed to accept such a concept. This is because the leaders of Barisan Nasional are having all in the country right now and slipping even a small cut of the cake would not be tolerated.

Younger people are more receptive to the idea, and with the falling out of the older generation, it will not be impossible for the two-party system to exist in this country.

Time will come and it will not be far away from now.

The product of Lubok Kawah

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 10:00 PM PST

Again and yet again, I remind myself that I am a product of Lubok Kawah, a small and yet a well-known village situate about 5 kilometers from the town of Temerloh in the Mukim of Sanggang upward stream along the Pahang River.

I was born there some 67 years ago to a poor peasant yet revolutionary family. My father and mother owned a small plot of paddy land and a small acreage of rubber trees.

In and around 1940's there were political changes in the country. The British colonialists chickened out when the Japanese occupied the country. The village people fought against the Japanese, and with the surrender of the Japanese and the reentry of the British Colonialist, the village people fought against the British, and they fought hard against the British.

My father and most of my uncles and aunties were deadly against the British and the Japanese, they loved independence. At the height of the war against British colonialism spread-headed by the Communist Party of Malaya and by the Malay Nationalist Movement known as the PKMM, my father along with my uncles, aunties and cousins and the villagemen, were detained by the British, and they kept in Temerloh Lock-up known as Rumah Pasung where now house the Temerloh tennis and futsal courts, then they herded to Kuala Lipis, the then capital of Pahang, and then to various detention camp in the country, mainly in Perak.

Although I was too young to appreciate what my father did, but I felt the great hardship upon the detention of my father. My mother became parent to my 4 siblings, and 2 cousins, the sons of my uncle and auntie, both of whom were also detained by the British.

My grandfather and mother stayed with us, allthough old but they led the family. We hopped from village to village when Lubok Kawah was declared a black area. Most of my relations were affected by the turmoil, and each of the family had to take care of their livelihood and none could help the other family. Although life was so hard we managed the turmoil.

Villages that we had to hop during the Emergency included Kg Bangau, Kg Chatin, Kg Penak, Kg Berhala Gantang and only in 1955 we could come back to Lubok Kawah. However, we hardly stayed a few months in Lubok Kawah when my father was released from the detention camp, and my grandfather decided to live in Kuala Semantan in a boat house.

My grandmother worked as a petty trader in the small town Kuala Semantan, now generally known as Temerloh, while my father worked at a restaurant as a cook and my grandfather being a qualified religious teacher taught the reading of the Quran to the folk in the town.

In 1956, my father decided to move to Kg Berhala Gantang, and I went to Kg Bintang Malay School having transferred from Temerloh Town Malay School. In 1957, our family moved to Lubok Kawah again and I was transferred to Kg Bangau Malay School and at the end of the year I took the requirement examination and became eligible to go to the Abu Bakar Secondary School.

Unlike any other pupils, I went to school with utmost hardship. I have to tab rubber on Saturday and Sunday, and the rubber that I tabbed had to be sold the next week to enable to have enought pocket money to go to school.

My headmaster made promises that any pupil that could come to the lowest of number 10 in the class would be given scholarships. I did well in my monthly class tests and annual examinations, I was never lower than number 6. Yet from year one to year five, I was never be able to have a scholarship.

After obrtaining my Overseas School Certificate, I applied for many positions in the clerical services in the government, semi-government and in the private sector. Not only that I failed to secure any offer, I was not even called for an interview.

I then started to work as a painter, I formed one partnership with one of my friends, and we pushed ourselves to be accepted by small contractors to work for them as independent contractor. We managed to secure painting works for the village halls, suraus and mosques.

We then braved ourselves to town offering our services to the many shops in town and we are given the opportunity to prove ourselves until my father forced me to continue my study at the MARA College, Petaling Jaya. I would not be where I am today would my father not force me to continue my study.

Lubok Kawah is so close to me. I came back to Temerloh but did not have the opportunity to stay in Lubok Kawah because I have nothing there. I don't own any land nor any house in Lubok Kawah. My uncle and aunty offered me a plot of land in his kampong, Kg Batu 4, Jalan Maran, Temerloh and I built my house there, a simple brick house for my family and today I am living in that house.

From time to time, I go to Lubok Kawah to visit my parents' grave yard, to offer my prayer and I prayed to God Allah to have mercy upon my father, my mother, my grandfather and my grandmother on my my father's and my mother's side.

Lubok Kawah is a revolutionary village, where great history had been created in the struggle of the Malayan people against the British colonialsm.

The good and the bad Communists

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 07:03 PM PST

Barisan Nasional leaders have come out with a theory why they are now willing to work with the Communists and the Communist countries especially China and why they were despising the Communists and the Communist countries especially China before.

According to Najib, the Communist Countries especially China has now open their walls to embrace friendship, diplomatic and commercial relations with the "free" world, and China has come out with a policy of respecting the rights of other countries regardless of ideological differences.

Malaysian leaders have tried to differentiate the stand of the Communists of the 40's and 50's with the present day Communists. Parti Komunis Malaya/The Communist Party of Malaya does not come under the ambit of this description. PKM was aggressive, subversive and worked against the interest of the country.

So much hate that the Malaysian leaders of the Barisan National even defended the British Colonialism and go all out to to paint the Malaysian Communists were against the interest of the people and the spirit of Independence.

The British Colonialsm plundered the country politically and economically and the freedom fighters be they from the political ideology of communism, nationalism, demcracy and Islam were detained without trial numbering thousands of them.

The early UMNO leaders were British puppets and became the willing tools to serve their colonial masters. It was the freedom fighters of all ideological fronts who fought the British, and the British highhandedly banned all their political parties in favour of UMNO, the willing puppets of the British masters.

These freedom fighters were all now classifed as the bad communists, and leaders of the Malayan Communist Party, Perak-born Chin Peng, is not even allowed a short stay in Malaysia to eanble him to visit his relatives in his own home town. What a sad episode for Malaysia when that old man has even apologised to the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the country and was the man behind the signing of Peace Agreement between the Malayan Communist Party and the Malaysian Government.

And thus Chin Peng is the new Communist willing to sacrifice his hard-headed ideological position to the position of agreeing to come to terms with the present reality, just like China, the one country that supplied arms to the Malayan Communist Party for the outthrow of the British Colonial Government and the Independent Malayan Government. China, according to Najib, has changed, so also the Malayan Communist Party.

The actual reason why the Malaysian Government is so willing to harb trade relations with China is nothing to do with the so-called change of heart of the Chinese Communists. But the Malaysian Government is now willing to tie a knot with the Chinese Communist Government diplomatically and trade-wise is not because of any ideological shifts from China but due to the success stories in the Chinese economic atmosphere.

China is now the economic giant of the world. The West is coming to trade with China, so also all countries of the Third World. Where would be Malaysia if she becomes the black sheep of the economic world.

Economically, Malaysia has slipped much below Singapore, Taiwan and Korea in term of economic advancement when it was Malaysia that was on top of them all.

Malaysia is slipping further and my be overtaken even by Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

So the bad and good communists are just political jargons to avoid embarrassement politically on the home front. The world has changed. When will Malaysia change.

Reasons why 11.11.11 is no dissolution of Parliament - The Star

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 06:08 PM PST

1. Barisan National is only meeting today to discuss allocations.
2. Public examinations do not end til mid-December and school halls and classrooms will be in use.
3. The last batc h of haj pilgrims is not expected back until December 11 and they are voters, too.
5. Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin are going on hiliday in December.
6. The UMNO General Assembly is to be held from November 29 to December 3.
7. Najib will want the Pakatan Rakyat states to dissolve their assemblies and they may not agree.
8. The budget goodies will only kick in next year so it would be better to wait.
9. Flood warnings are out and heavy rainfall is expected - which could wash out the polls.
10. The Parliamentary Select Committee on electoral reforms has only just begun.
11. It's 11-11-11 and nothing has happened yet. So, its almost safe to say the polls won't be in the next 50 days...The Star 11-11-11.

Here comes Mr Chicken. If you would like to hit people from below the belt, you will make sure that you hit them when they are off guard.

Then come the real reason why Malaysian Democracy is just half-baked. In most of the advanced democratic countries, the date for the next General Election is known at the conclusion of the last General Election. No secret and not hitting below the belt.

In a democratic country, the people are given wide choice and power to elect the Government that they really need, a government that they think would bring forward their economic needs and welfare.

A failed government is detrimental to the security of the country and is detrimental to the economic needs and welfare of the people.

The Malaysian Government is a failed government, but the BN leaders in pursuit of their personal insterest, will clinch to the power at all costs.

By so doing, they have abused their powers, they resort to corruption, they have reduced all the government machineries as their willing tools to suppress the people giving a very bad image of the country world-wide. SPR, SPRM, the Police and the Judiciary have been reduced to nothing but their willing tools.

Worst still, they are recruiting foreigners to be registered as local voters by legalising their citizenship and handing out national identification cards. The process is still on-going, and they have targeted the PR State Governments for their grab.

This failed government is useless and not suitable to rule the country and this failed government only brings miseries to the citizens of this country and in the long term the country would be ruined.

Democracy - a subjective test or objective test?

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 01:34 PM PST

Every country in the world seems to claim that their kind of regime is democratic. The Communist Party of China seems to claim that they are the greatest democracy on earth. Why the party claims to be so?

In every country the society seems to be divided into classes, the upper class, the middle class and the lower class. It is argued that the lower class forms the majority of the stratum in society, being represented in the group by the working class in collaboration with the peasantry, the fisehermen, the military, the police and petty officials in either the government or the private sectors.

This class is also aligned to the petty bourgeois group of petty traders and petty businessmen. And they form the majority of the people in the country. The Communist Party seems to represent this vast majority of the people, and thus by accepting the concept that democary rules by the majority, so it is their right to claim that their form of rule is democary.

Even the hard-core dictatorship also claim to be democratic. The ruling elite seems to rule because of the inspiration of the people for the ruling class to run the country in a manner that would benefit the lower runk of the society, and as far as they are concerned they are doing just that, and so they claim to be democratic too.

There are countries which by definition of democracy is democratic, represented by most of the countries in the Western Hemisphere.

They have periodical elections, there are political parties therein, and the political parties put up candidates in the election to represent the people in Parliament, Congress or Senate.

The common thing about "democracy" is that they have elections. The Communist too have their own election, candidates are drawn from amongst the outstanding Communist Leaders, these tested leaders vow to work for their country and people in a most selfless manner.

They manage to turn poverty into weath, and the Chinese Communist Party can be proud of itself to be the most successful party in the world to convert China from famine to "land of honey".

They claim to be democratic in favour of the people and they don't seem to hide the fact that they despise the upper class who use to oppress the lower working and the peasantry class.

Applying the subjective test, both democracies represent the inspiration of the people. In democracy like America, the people from all walks of life would make a free choice of their Representatives to run the country for them. They make a free choice, yet they are not in the Government to run the country for themselves. The country is run by their representatives who form the Government, making policies as the Government thinks fit and fair for the benefits of the country and the people.

Apply the same test, Chinese democracy too seems to represent the interest of the country and the people. They have periodical elections, all members of the Communist Party are allowed to the polls to elect their leaders to run the country for them and to rule the country for the benefit of the country and its people. By the standard that is applied, the Communist Party of China, by far and large is most successful in benefiting the people and the country as it had elevated the living standard of the people in a rate unknown to the progress achievable by any country in the world.

But there are countries torn between two-systems, democracy and dictatorship. Malaysia is such an example.

Malaysia practises periodical elections, each to last for the next five years. There are political parties, the Ruling and the Opposition.

The Cabinet is formed by the parties that won the General Election. The fascade of democracy is there.

However, democracy in Malaysia is neither of the Westminster type nor of the Chinese type, but from time to time, there are stringents of rules and conditions to negate the norms of democracy as practised in the Western world of which Malaysia tries to think that the counrty is part of that form of democracy.

Malaysia enacted laws which run in complete contrary to the spirit of democracy whereby the country prohibited human rights, political activities, free press, and freedom of the judiciary.

The government machineries have been made the tools of the ruling party to suppress the people's rights, and thereby the elections in the country is nothing but a mere endorsement for the ruling party to clamp for power.

Applying a subjective test seems to be more apt than the objective test if we were to accept that democracy is not for the purpose of free choice but for the purpose to give a machinery in power to the run the country for the benefits of its people, right or wrong.

Democracy - a subjective test or objective test?

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 01:34 PM PST

Majlis silaturrahim di Kg Pian

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 04:55 AM PST

Majlis silaturrahim anjuran PKR telah diadakan di Kg Pian, Kuala Krau pada 10.11.11 jam 5.00 petang tadi menjalinkan komitmen baru penduduk Kg Pian untuk berserta dengan PKR bagi menghadapi Pilihanraya Umum akan datang.

Didalam ucapan aluan Ketua Ranting, Wan Kisam, beliau mengajak penduduk Kg Pian supaya sentiasa memberikan sokongan kepada Parti Keadilan Rakyat dan mengucapkan terima kasih kepada pimpinan PKR Kuala Krau kerana tidak henti-henti mendampingi penduduk Kg Pian.

Kg Pian bersama-sama Kg Lubok Wong dan Kg Terbol merupakan JDM Kampong Pian dan Wan Kisam yakin ketiga-tiga kampong itu akan memberikan undi majoriti kepada calon PKR yang akan bertanding didalam kawasan DUN Jenderak nanti.

Diakhir Majlis itu, Wan Kisam telah menyerahkan senarai PACABA dan Sukarelawan mewakili JDM Kg Pian untuk bertugas di Pusat mengundi di Balai Raya Kg Pian nanti, dan pihak Sukarelawan akan memulakan bertugas dengan mencari tiang buluh untuk memasang bendera PKR.

Anwar Ibrahim

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Anwar Ibrahim

1,400% Hike in Postal Voters Shocks Nurul Izzah

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 06:49 PM PST


Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar today raised concern over a massive spike in the number of postal voters in her constituency, as the most recent electoral roll, released on Nov 2, shows.

Speaking at the Parliament lobby today, Nurul Izzah said the number of postal voters spiked by 1,363 percent in two months – from a mere 149 on Sept 26 this year to 2,180 on Nov 2.

Worse still, she said, checks with the Election Commission revealed that 457 of these postal voters are from the Kampung Bohol in Bukit Jalil, which is outside the Lembah Pantai constituency.

“There are 2,180 police personnel who are postal voters, and this does not include their wives. The winning majority for PKR in Lembah Pantai in the previous general election was 2,895 votes.”

Nurul Izzah said that this finding had been confirmed by the EC, and was among thousands of other “doubtful” voters found in the electoral roll for Lembah Pantai.

A report has been lodged with the commission, with a copy forwarded to the parliamentary select committee on electoral reform.

Of the new postal voters who are police personnel, the MP also raised suspicion over 15 new postal voters registered to the Bangsar police station.

"Those who go there will know that it is just a small room, which is a tight squeeze even for two people," she said.

Nurul Izzah said other "irregularities" include some 3,384 voters whose addresses are not listed in the roll, while 200 voters are registered under a single address in Bukit Kerinchi. 

3,300 voters in demolished village

She also pointed out that 3,300 voters are registered to Kampung Haji Abdullah Hukum, although the village has been demolished and residents moved to make way for the KL Eco City development.

"Surprisingly. there was an increase of voters from 3,204 to 3,300, a hike of 96 names when Kampung Haji Abdullah Hukum no longer exists in the Lembah Pantai map," she said.

The EC last month admitted that a whopping 40,000 names on the electoral roll are "doubtful" and that it will publicly display these names so those listed can come forward to help clean up the roll.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Sidang Media: Intimidasi Siasatan Polis Terbaru Terhadap Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 11:13 AM PST

Satu Sidang Media tentang Intimidasi Siasatan Polis Terbaru terhadap Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim bersama Sivarasa Rasiah dan N. Surendran.

Tarikh: 11 November 2011
Waktu: 11.30 pagi
Tempat: Ibu Pejabat KEADILAN

PM Najib Mengelirukan Rakyat Jelata Sejak Hari Pertama

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 01:47 AM PST

1.?"PM and agro minister lied on NFC"."PM lied about NFC loan",begitulah hebatnya tajuk-tajuk berita masing-masing dalam Malaysiakini dan Malaysianinsider pada 8 November 2011.Bagi ramai orang berita-berita tersebut tidak sedikitpun mengemparkan atau sesuatu kejadian yang luar biasa yang asing kepada pendengaran rakyat.
2.?Sama ada secara sedar atau sebaliknya,PM Najib telah mengelirukan,atau lebih tepat untuk dikatakan,telah memperdayakan rakyat jelata sejak dari hari pertama beliau dilantik menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia Ke-6 pada 3.4.2009 lagi.
3.?Pada hari bersejarah itu, ketika mengangkat sumpah jawatan sebagai Perdana Menteri dihadapan SPB Yang Di-Pertuan Agong ,beliau telah melafazkan…."Bismillah hirrahman nirrahim..Wallahi, wabillahi,watallahi. Saya Muhammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak telah dilantik memegang jawatan Perdana Menteri,dengan sesungguhnya bersumpah…."
4.?Nama beliau yang dilafazkan sediri olih PM Najib dalam sumpah tersebut ialah "Muhammad Najib".Majlis ini bukan sahaja disaksikan oleh dua orang mantan Perdana Menteri bersama isteri masing-masing,selain daripada lebih 300 orang pembesar Negara,bahkan ditonton pula oleh jutaan rakyat Malaysia menerusi kaca televisyen masing-masing.
5.?Pada 9.4.2009 pula,ketika mengumumkan barisan Kabinet beliau,ketika diapit oleh YAB Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan YBhg. Ketua Setiausaha Negara,beliau sekali lagi dengan jelas mengumumkan nama beliau sebagai "Muhammad Najib".
6.?Namun setelah dua-setengah tahun selepas itu pula, pada 21 dan 23 September 2011,ketika mengikrarkan secara bersumpah menerusi Afidavit Sokongan dan Afidavit Pembetulan untuk mengenepikan sepina dalam perbicaraan kes liwat,yang lebih dikenali dengan Sodomy II,PM Najib telah mengikrarkan nama beliau sebagai "Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak" sahaja.Tidak ada nama "Mohd.atau Muhammad" sebelum nama Najib.
7.?Nama "Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak" itu ditulis sebanyak 8 kali dalam kedua-dua afidavit beliau itu.Mustahil berlaku kesilapan.Afidavit tersebut pasti telah disemak oleh seramai 4 orang peguamcara berpengalaman yang mewakili beliau dalam permohonan mengenepikan sepina itu.
8.?Lebih dari itu,isteri PM sendiri,Datin Seri Rosmah binti Mansor,dalam afidavit berasingan yang beliau ikrarkan pada 21.9.2011,dalam kes yang sama,merujuk nama suami beliau sebagai Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak juga.Bukan sebagai "Muhammad Najib".Siapa yang lebih berhak mengesahkan nama sebenar PM, jika tidak isteri beliau sendiri?.
9.?Menerusi afidavit-afidavit yang diikrarkan oleh PM Najib dan oleh isteri beliau sendiri,tidak syak lagi nama sebenar beliau seperti dalam kad pengenalannya ialah "Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak" dan bukan "Muhammad Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak" sepertimana yang beliau bersumpah 'demi Allah' dihadapan Yang Di-Pertuan Agong di-Istana Negara pada 3.4.2009 itu.
10.?Apapun PM Najib sendiri bertanggungjawab untuk menjelaskan kepada rakyat jelata bagaimana nama beliau boleh berbeza diantara dua sumpah yang beliau sendiri telah sempurnakan itu.
11.?Soal sama ada akan terdapat dikalangan rakyat, yang akan mencabar kesahihan upacara angkat sumpah jawatan Perdana Menteri yang dilafazkan sedemikian pada 3.4.2009 itu, adalah terletak kepada hak dan kebebasan pilihan masing-masing.

a)?Contoh mudah yang boleh diambil ialah dalam sesuatu upacara Akad Nikah.Kesilapan dalam menyebut satu perkataan pun atau tersilap menyebut nama pasangan perempuan umpamanya, ataupun tidak lancar dalam menjawab akad,maka proses akad nikah itu akan diulangkan beberapa kali, sehingga sempurna untuk dianggap sah.
12.?Presiden Amerika,Barrack Obama pernah mengangkat sumpah jawatan Presiden Amerika buat kali kedua pada 21.1.2009 apabila terdapat kesilapan sebutan satu perkataan sahaja dalam upacara mengangkat sumpah kali pertama sehari sebelum itu.
13.?Jika satu patah perkataan sebegitu pun boleh menyebabkan sumpah jawatan Presiden Amerika terbatal, jika tidak dibetulkan serta merta, maka kesilapan pada nama PM Najib ketika beliau mengangkat sumpah jawatan Perdana Menteri sama ada sengaja atau tidak sengaja, adalah lebih serious.
a)?Sekiranya sumpah jawatan oleh PM Najib itu diistiharkan sebagai tidak sah, akibat menggunakan nama yang bukan nama sebenar beliau, maka beliau bukan Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang sah mengikut undang-undang. Dengan demikian itu, beliau tiada kuasa untuk membubarkan Palimen yang dijangka pada bila-bila masa dari sekarang.
14.?Saya telah menulis laporan lebih terperinci mengenai perkara diatas pada 8.11.2011 yang dialamatkan kepada YDH Ketua Polis Negara dengan salinannya kepada Y.B.Menteri Dalam Negeri.Namun saya menyimpan hak saya untuk tidak mendedahkan kandungan sepenuhnya memandangkan terdapat penegasan-penegasan saya yang mungkin boleh dianggap "subjudice" terhadap perbicaraan kes liwat yang sedang berjalan.
a)?Saya meletakkan kepercayaan kepada pihak Polis untuk menyiasat kandungan afidavit PM Najib yang disyakki menyalahi undang-undang seperti yang telah saya nyatakan dalam surat tersebut.
15.?Walaubagaimana pun,saya amat sedar dengan kuasa yang ada pada PM Najib dan jentera Kerajaan yang ada dibawah kawalannya.Beliau boleh mencari jalan untuk mengatasi persoalan mengenai perbezaan nama beliau dalam dua sumpah dan ikrar tersebut itu.
a)?Namun soal nama beliau itu bukanlah perkara utama dalam surat saya bertarikh 8.11.2011 itu. Mengikrarkan sesuatu fakta mustahak yang tidak benar atau mengelirukan dalam sesuatu afidavit adalah secara sendirinya suatu kesalahan jenayah.
16.?Apa pun langkah yang akan diambil oleh PM Najib mengatasi pelbagai persoalan yang memerlukan jawapan beliau yang munasabah,diharapkan beliau tidak akan terjerat sekali lagi sepertimana yang berlaku apabila beliau dinasihatkan untuk mengikrarkan afidavit-afidavit sedemikian itu.Beliau harus hurmati apa yang orang lain ada,dan boleh dedahkan.
17.?Apa yang paling penting dalam hal ini adalah,kejujuran,keihlasan dan ketelusan PM Najib sendiri,kerana beliau adalah seorang Perdana Menteri.
a)?Kemampuan beliau bukan diukur dari banyak mana kuasa yang ada padanya atau kebolehan beliau dan orang-orang yang rapat dengannya untuk memanipulasikan fakta dan menipu untuk terus berkuasa.
18.?Apa pun,dengan mengikrarkan afidavit-afidavit tersebut, PM Najib,secara efektifnya telah meletakkan untung nasib dan masa depan beliau dan isteri beliau diatas belas ehsan beberapa orang penyangak.Semoga Allah mengasihani kita semua.
Mat Zain bin Ibrahim.

RM1.4b Bajet Luar Jangka Hilang Belum Terjawab

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 11:38 PM PST


Kehilangan dana Bajet Wang Luar Jangka RM1.4 bilion daripada RM1.5 bilion yang diperuntukkan masih penuh dengan tanda tanya kerana belum terjawab oleh Kerajaan BN.

Sebaliknya Laporan Ketua Audit Negara berhubung perkara itu cuba disembunyikan oleh pihak Kerajaan BN sehingga dibangkitkan oleh pihak pembangkang pada persidangan Parlimen semalam.

Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim berkata, kehilangan wang tersebut berjaya dikesan apabila Laporan Audit Negara 2010 berbeza dengan belanjawan yang dibentangkan.

Menurut beliau, ketika menjawab pertanyaan pembangkang semalam, Timbalan Menteri Kewangan, Datuk Awang Adek Hussin menjelaskan, wang itu tidak lesap tetapi jumlah sebenar bagi tahun 2010 telah pun diisi semula melalui Rang Undang-Undang Pembekalan Tambahan 2011.

Katanya, jawapan tersebut bukanlah jawapan sebenar kerana laporan audit negara mestilah sama dengan belanjawan yang dibentangkan.

“Perkara ini dibangkitkan oleh Azan Ismail (PKR-Indera Mahkota) dan kemudian dilanjutkan oleh saya pada persidangan Dewan Rakyat semalam dengan menggunakan peraturan 68A.

“Kumpulan Wang Luar Jangka dan Laporan Audit Negara hendaklah dibentangkan dan tidak boleh dibahaskan, tetapi yang boleh dibahaskan adalah belanjawan yang dibentangkan,” katanya pada sidang media di lobi Parlimen, hari ini.

Bagaimanapun, menurut beliau, ketika menjawab pertanyaan itu, Awang Adek mengatakan perkara itu telah dibentangkan dan dibahaskan pada persidangan Parlimen tahun lalu.

Lebih jauh dari itu, Awang Adek turut menuduh pihak pembangkang sengaja hendak memutarbelitkan fakta-fakta untuk mengelirukan rakyat.

Katanya, jawapan timbalan menteri kewangan itu ternyata bercanggah dengan peraturan Parlimen, di samping bercanggah dengan prinsipnya yang sepatutnya dilihat kepada semua laporan berkenaan.

“Jawapan timbalan menteri kewangan itu bercanggah dengan peraturan 68A. Sepatutnya beliau menjawab ada kesilapan yang berlaku, bukannya telah dibahas di Parlimen,” ujarnya.

Beliau yang juga Ketua Umum PKR berkata, perbezaan laporan audit negara dan belanjawan itu merupakan kejadian pertama dalam sejarah kewangan negara dan ia tidak sepatutnya berlaku.

“Jawapan timbalan menteri kewangan itu tidak menggambarkan kejadian yang sebenar, sebaliknya cuba menyorok Laporan Ketua Audit Negara.

“Kami sedang menunggu jawapan sebenarnya. Diharap Perdana Menteri dapat menjelaskannya nanti kerana ini soal perlembagaan bagi memudahkan perlaksanaan,” ujar beliau.

‘National Feedlot Corp Loan Used To buy Condo Unit’

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 09:04 PM PST


Ramping up their criticism of alleged mishandling of government funds in the public-funded National Feedlot Corporation (NFC), PKR said today that the money loaned to a related company was used to purchase an RM9.8 million luxury condominium in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

The money, which the opposition party claimed was part of an RM81 million loan by NFC, a company owned and operated by the husband and children of a federal minister, to related company National Livestock and Meats Corporation (NLMC), was used to purchase a luxurious condominium unit.

NLMC, which was contracted by NFC as its marketing development agent and granted the sizeable loan, is also owned and operated by the same federal minister’s husband and children.

“They are in the business of (marketing) cattle. Are the cows going to sleep in the condo?” asked party secretary Saifuddin Nasution, expressing his puzzlement at a press conference at Parliament House today.

The party’s strategy director Rafizi Ramli, who was also present, chimed in that the use of funds originating from public monies for such an unnecessary purchase was tantamount to criminal breach of trust (CBT).

Saifuddin and Rafizi added that a report of the alleged mishandling of funds has been submitted to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

Pilihanraya:Pakatan Mahu Dakwat Kekal Digunakan

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 08:54 PM PST


Ahli Jawatankuasa Terpilih Khas Parlimen (PSC) untuk menambahbaik pilihan raya dari Pakatan Rakyat akan memberi tekanan kepada Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) untuk melaksanakan pembaharuan yang boleh dilaksanakan serta-merta apabila mereka bersidang secara tertutup untuk sesi keempat hari ini.

“Kami mahu PSC buat resolusi untuk memaksa SPR untuk melaksanakan sekurang-kurangnya penggunaan dakwat kekal dan cadangan mengundi lebih awal sekarang.

“SPR dakwa mereka memerlukan masa dua bulan hanya untuk membeli dakwat. Kita tidak mahu kekurangan masa dijadikan alasan untuk tidak melaksanakan ini sebelum pilihan raya umum akan datang, ” kata ahli parlimen Rasah, Anthony Loke pada sidang akhbar di bangunan Parlimen, semalam.

Loke, seorang daripada tiga orang wakil pembangkang di PSC, mengalu-alukan pengumuman pengerusi jawatankuasa itu, Datuk Seri Maximus Johnity Ongkili yang berkata laporan interim PSC akan dibentangkan di Parlimen sebelum mereka memulakan pendengaran awam esok.

Ahli parlimen dari DAP itu berharap bahawa penggunaan dakwat kekal dan cadangan membenarkan penggundian awal juga akan dimasukkan dalam laporan ini.

Loke juga mahu anggota tentera dan polis dibenarkan mengundi di kawasan tempat mereka bertugas terlebih dahulu bagi menggantikan undi pos kerana kebimbangan tekanan dikenakan ke atas mereka untuk mengundi BN.

Zuraida: Ada Pendedahan Lebih Besar Dari Skandal Fidlot

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 08:50 PM PST

Keadilan Daily

KEADILAN memberi kata dua kepada Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil samada meletakkan jawatan atau beberapa bukti penyelewengan yang lebih besar membabitkannya didedahkan.

Peringatan itu dibuat Ketua Wanita KEADILAN, Zuraida Kamaruddin kepada Shahrizat ekoran gagal menjawab skandal National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) melibatkan keluarganya.

Sebaliknya kata Zuraida, Shahrizat yang juga Ketua Wanita Umno bertindak menyerang peribadi beliau tanpa menjawab penyelewengan wang rakyat sebanyak RM250 juta itu.

"Tindakan terhormat perlu diambil Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil adalah mengumum perletakan jawatan dari kerajaan dan berundur dari politik serta merta kerana KEADILAN masih ada beberapa bukti penyelewengan lebih besar yang belum didedahkan," katanya dalam satu kenyataan.

Semalam, media melaporkan menteri pembangunan wanita keluarga dan masyarakat itu menyerang peribadi Zuraida dalam sebuah majlis dan pada masa enggan menjawab skandal Fidlot melibatkan beliau dan keluarganya.

"Isu pokok yang perlu diperhatikan adalah soal pertanggungjawaban wang rakyat sebanyak RM250 juta diberi kepada syarikat milik keluarga beliau walaupun prestasinya tidak menepati sasaran.

"Ia menyentuh nasib ribuan petani dan penternak yang lebih memerlukan bantuan dana kerajaan berbanding syarikat keluarga beliau," tegas Ahli Parlimen Ampang itu.

Menurutnya, Skandal NFC membabitkan Shahrizat , menyentuh soal tata kelola kewangan negara yang lemah dengan wang rakyat dibazir sewenangnya.

"Adalah menjadi tanggungjawab saya sebagai wakil rakyat dan seorang pemimpin wanita untuk membawa isu ini supaya sebarang penyelewengan dapat dihentikan segera.

"Saya langsung tidak mempunyai motif peribadi, saya hanya melaksanakan amanah yang dipikul," katanya.

Oleh itu, katanya, beliau berharap Shahrizat tampil segera menjawab isu itu dan bukan membiarkan pemimpin BN lain menjawabnya.

Is Our EPF Being Looted?

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 08:38 PM PST

Malaysia Chronicle

On the 23rd of June 2011, the EPF (KWSP) tabled its annual report to the parliament, declaring a 5.8% dividend and explained that 27% of its investments were in Malaysian Government Securities (MGS) and 32% were in loans and bonds to Govt agencies. A simple chart below summarises the report. At RM 440.52 billion, the EPF is one of the largest funds in the world and represents the life time savings of 12 million private sector employees.

The question is why is it that over 60% of EPF funds are in loans to the Govt and Govt bodies? Is the Malaysian Government a good borrower?

Let's look at the BN Govt's financial record….

Below is a summary of the Govt's annual deficits. The 2012 budget will mark the 15th year of budget deficit with no signal of financial prudence. And as you can see below, there have been supplementary budgets on top of the annual budgets every single year.

Govt debt as at Dec 2010 stands at 407 Billion ringgit. 60% of this or 240 Billion is owed to the EPF. This means the BN Govt of Malaysia has already spent 60% of all your savings in the EPF!

After running deficit budgets for 14 consecutive years, and funding those deficits by borrowing, Malaysian Govt Securities (MGS) are rated at CC(-)ve. At CC minus, what is the annual yield? Folks, it's an unbelievable 3% and below!! Why? Because MGS are not auctioned!!  There is a ready buyer for MGS and apart from the endless new PNB funds like the 1Malaysia bond, the main buyer of Malaysian debt papers is the EPF.

"Fair Value" rate for lower grade papers of single A and below is an annual yield of 5% and above.  Greek Govt bonds for example are being traded at yields exceeding 21% per annum

The constitution of Malaysia caps Govt debt at 55% of GDP. As at 30th June 2011, Govt debt stands at 433 billion, which is 53% of GDP. At 55% the Govt will be officially in crisis and the constitution will need to be changed to increase borrowing and possibly even require a bail out.

Recently the EU central bank agreed to extend financial aid to the Govt of Greece on the condition they adopt massive austerity measures and that the lenders take a haircut of 50% of all outstanding loans. After all, they continually lent to a borrower who showed absolutely NO commitment to cut expenses and begin to service their debts. Just imagine if the EPF is asked to take a 50% haircut of their debts from the Malaysian Govt!

Even worse than that …

An even worse scenario was painted recently by Pakatan Rakyat when they reported that much of govt debt was unreported as it is largely hidden from public eye in the form of debt owing by Govt agencies.

As you can see above, the 433 billion owed by the Govt is represented by the red and Orange bars. On top of official figures, an additional 184 billion is owed by various Govt agencies.

Take a look here at another explanation,

So…. Is the EPF being looted?

I say yes it is. Let me explain how.

A summary on the 2012 budget is below,

Of the total 233 billion, total operating expenses is at 162 billion and over 64 billion is allocated for the civil service in pensions and wages. Of the massive 233 billion, only 51 billion is going to development, of which over 80% is to construction projects, designed to specifically benefit a few lucky fellows. And talking about lucky fellows, over 10 billion in subsidies paid for by us, are being paid directly to corporate bodies!

And how pray tell will they pay for all this? By borrowing of course! Do they even bother that it is we who will be paying for the debt servicing including interests? Najib even announced that employee's contribution to the EPF will increase to 12% of salary. Which means even more will be tied up in the EPF in order to enable more borrowing! And if you earn less than RM 5,000, your contribution will increase to 13%.

Hard times but spending remains irresponsible

These are indeed hard times for us, the people. And the Govt has done fabulously well to recognise this by granting pay increments of 7 to 13% to all Govt employees while carefully avoiding the minimum wage issue for private sector employees.

The Govt currently collects about 4 billion from the GST already in place. A one time payment of RM 500 to civil sector employees will cost the Govt over 2.6 billion.

Civil service remuneration cost 20 billion in 2004. This year it will cost 64 billion.

So the bottom line conclusion, again and again is the same. They are looting the EPF to please their vote bank of 1.3 million civil servants.

Hard times indeed… And yet DRB Hicom is buying 237 armoured personnel carriers from Turkey for RM 1.7 billion and selling it to the ministry of defence for RM 7.55 billion. The Malaysian Govt is buying 6 Littoral Combatant Vessels to enhance our Navy. These are the most advanced naval vessels in the world, able to shoot aircraft, ships and submarines… The ONLY other country that has such ships is the US navy. They have 2. We are buying 6 at a cost of 10 billion ringgit. The MRT can be built for 19 billion. But Idris Jala recently indicated that MMC Gamuda may incur more that the originally estimated cost of 54 billion to build it.

The Govt can reduce its subsidies for rice and sugar by opening up the market for other players, but no, both commodities are controlled by the same Govt crony. Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary is the owner of all the companies mentioned above. Since this person took over the exclusive supply of these commodities in 2008, prices have doubled. This is despite the Govt's subsidy of 60 cents per kilo of rice and 20 cents per kilo of sugar.

The Govt can easily buy the LDP highway for 1.5 billion ringgit, but no, it's probably better that they continue to collect toll from us and receive 1.5 billion in subsidy from the govt. Our IPPs buy gas at 10 ringgit cheaper than companies in Thailand and 15 ringgit cheaper than Singapore (Per CuM)  but the Govt still needs to feed them billions in subsidy.

Nothing is done as evidenced by the AG’s latest report

Year after year after year, the Auditor General's annual report details all the financial mismanagement in Govt depts. But nothing is done. Take this year's AGs report for example. The MACC went into high gear and opened 36 investigation files to investigate all the rubbish. And the cases are now closed. They found no element of corruption or deceit. Another thing the AG highlighted is the treasury's contingency fund of 1.5 billion is now only 79 million ringgit. 1.4 billion is missing…..

The tolled highways were built at a cost of 26.4 billion and the operators have already raked in 37.7 billion and received another 2.1 billion in subsidies from the Govt. And they are planning to raise the rates again soon.

The Govt machinery of Barisan National is a system that benefits and enriches cronies with massively one sided contracts. It also ensures loyalty from a vote bank of 1.3 million civil servants who enjoy all kinds of benefits at the expense of the tax payer. The tax system is designed to exclude the majority of civil servants from actually paying any tax. And Govt debt is going through the roof. In 2004, the total Govt debt was 217. As at 30th June 2011, it stands at 433 billion. Najib's administration is milking us dry. And they are using our funds in the EPF to run all these excesses, to enrich themselves, and to bribe the civil service into loyalty.

We EPF investors are 12 million. Vote against corruption, vote against poverty, and vote against the looting of your EPF savings.

Anak Muda Kampung Nak Senang

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Anak Muda Kampung Nak Senang

1Malaysia, Guru Amerika Diutamakan, Guru Tempatan Dipinggirkan

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 04:58 PM PST

Inilah nasib 1Malaysia pada ketika ini. Dikala ramai graduan , bakal guru lepasan KPLI, TESL, UPSI sedang menganggur, kerajaan mengambil 300 orang guru Bahasa Inggeris dari Amerika Syarikat, secara tidak langsung menunjukkan guru Bahasa Inggeris rakyat 1Malaysia tiada kelas, termasuk universiti dan institut perguruan yang mengajar semua bakal guru ini.

MELAKA 6 Mei 2011 : Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin berkata KERAJAAN AKAN MEMBAWA MASUK KIRA-KIRA 300 PENUTUR JATI BAHASA INGGERIS DARI AMERIKA SYARIKAT BAGI MEMBIMBING PARA PELAJAR TEMPATAN DALAM MATA PELAJARAN BAHASA ITU MULAI TAHUN DEPAN. "Program itu akan mula dilaksanakan pada 2012 dengan kos hampir RM18 juta," katanya ketika berucap merasmikan Karnival Pendidikan Melaka 2011, di sini, hari ini.

Aduan Rakyat , Oktober 2011
Saya mewakili mereka-mereka yang seangkatan dengan saya, merupakan graduan lepasan sebuah universiti tempatan dalam bidang Pengajaran Bahasa Inggeris Sebagai Bahasa Kedua (TESL). Aduan dan ketidakpuasan hati saya ialah tentang penempatan kami di sekolah. Walaupun telah hampir 4 bulan kami menamatkan pengajian kami, tetapi sehingga hari ini, kami masih belum di beri apa-apa maklumat berkaitan penempatan kami di sekolah. Kami ternyata amat kecewa dengan apa yang berlaku kepada kami ini – PENGANGGURAN BERAMAI-RAMAI.

Berita sebelum ini :

Ribuan bakal guru lepasan KPLI, TESL, UPSI yang masih lagi menganggur di

Berita sedih ribuan bakal guru dalam Bajet 2012 di

Kisah ramai para guru graduan TESL menganggur di

Kisah ramai para guru graduan KPLI menganggur di

Kisah beratus bakal guru Bahasa Inggeris TESL masih menganggur di

Kisah begitu ramai bakal guru KPLI 2010 menganggur di

Kisah Muhyiddin nak ambil 370 guru negara asing ajar Bahasa Inggeris di

Guru Amerika diagungkan, guru Malaysia bangsat ke wahai TPM? Di

Gwo-Burne for Kelana Jaya

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Gwo-Burne for Kelana Jaya

Pameran Fotografi Kerja-kerja Kebebebasan 2.0

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 10:29 AM PST

Pameran Fotografi Kerja-kerja Kebebebasan 2.0 FAN Malaysia (Friederich Naumann Foundation Alumni Network) dengan bangganya menganjurkan Pameran Fotografi 'Kerja-kerja Kebebasan 2.0' 2011. Pameran ini mempersembahkan foto-foto yang diterima daripada mereka yang bertanding untuk pertandingan Fotografi 'Kerja-kerja Kebebasan 2.0' di bawah tema kebebasan dan pertandingan ini direka untuk mengiktiraf penggiat-penggiat seni terutama jurufoto [...]


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Panas !!! Berkat menabung - Anak muda mampu memiliki syarikat pembalakan Terkenal

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 03:58 AM PST


Angkatan Muda